Fullstack developer (JS, Python) (offline)

Hi! We are Finvinci Volsor and we are building the future of affiliate marketing. As we expand our team, we're seeking a Full-stack Developer with a strong emphasis on front-end development and skills in Python and JavaScript. On this position, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply your skills and creativity. If you love a challenge and are eager to contribute to an innovative product, we're waiting for you!


What you are required to do:


- Develop and manage web applications for lead generation with a focus on performance and scalability.

- Support and update our JS-based CMS

- Contribute to back-end development, utilizing Python (Django/Flask) to build robust server-side logic.

- Take the initiative in making technical decisions and contribute to project development discussions.

- Writing robust and maintainable code


Your competencies:


- Confident knowledge of JavaScript

- Experience in Python and back-end frameworks (Django or Flask), with the ability to develop and integrate server-side logic.

- HTML5 / CSS3

- Adaptive web design

- Experience with version control systems (git)

- Ability to organize CI/CD for the project front-end (GitLabCI or alternatives)

- Understanding of HTTP / HTTPS and basics of the modern web development

- Writing of unit tests (Karma, Jasmine, Mocha)

- Intermediate proficiency in English, with effective communication skills for team collaboration and documentation.

- Willingness to understand unfamiliar tools and technologies.


You may also encounter in your workflow:


- TypeScript

- Next.js

- CI/CD on Jenkins and GitLabCI

- Using terminal *nix systems (ssh/etc.)

- Previous projects with Backbone.js / Marionette functionality to understand

- Preprocessors (less/stylus)




- Possible paid trips to Prague to integrate into team

- English courses

- Flexible hours: the result is important, not the hours spent at the computer

- 25 working holiday days + 5 sick days

- Bonuses for IT team based on sprint results


About Finvinci


We are an IT company based in Prague, specialising in developing a platform focused on promoting fintech projects.


We help fintech companies and financial institutions grow their business by attracting new customers, managing advertising partners and effective marketing.


Every month, our Volsor platform processes more than €300 million in loan applications worldwide.


In 2018, the volume of loan applications processed exceeded €1 billion, giving us reason to further expand our team, enter new markets, expand our range of services to retain our leadership in fintech.


Join our team!


We look forward to receiving your CV and wish you all the best of luck!


Finvinci Volsor team


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