Senior Java Developer (Python experience) (offline)

About the Company

OLSYS Ltd provides full-service solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations.


As an enterprise software development company, we are building long term partnerships helping our clients accelerate their digital experiences with reasonable IT investments.

Our tailored approach, e-commerce focus, and flexible solutions allow us to design, develop, and deliver scalable, integrated commerce platforms that drive profits and boost the business.


15+ years of experience, 100+ projects, 50+ specialists


About the Client

As one of the leading and established Process Discovery and Mining Solutions on the market, our client helps businesses transform the way they monitor, analyze, and optimize their processes.

Client's company is proud to offer precise instruments for continuous control and improvement providing businesses with significant time and operational costs.



Our client specializes in developing software for user interactions, focusing on recording user actions.

The role of Java developers within this context may involve collaborating with ML engineers on projects such as text recognition from screenshots.

This entails leveraging Java frameworks and possibly integrating machine learning functionalities into the software. Rest assured, our client operates in compliance with ethical standards, ensuring user privacy and security.


Job Requirements:

- Strong knowledge of Spring and Spring Boot: Proficiency in developing applications using Spring and Spring Boot frameworks.

- Experience with ML integration in Java is a big plus: Familiarity with integrating machine learning models into Java applications, preferably with experience in specific ML libraries or frameworks.

- Proficiency in Python: Understanding of memory management constructs/libraries and low-level systems programming in the Windows environment.

- Database expertise: Strong understanding of databases and experience troubleshooting issues or utilizing higher-level infrastructures for database management.

- Desire to learn new technologies: Eagerness to explore and adapt to new technologies and methodologies.