Python Developer (offline)

Technology Stack:


- Python, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy (PostgreSQL), Django

- Celery & Celery Beat, asyncio, asyncpg, aiohttp

- Redis (cache, queue, pubsub) or Pika + RabbitMQ (queue, pubsub)

Websocket, Uvicorn, AWS S3, Firebase, Docker




- Collaborate with the product team to develop new features.

- Maintain and update existing functionality.

- Implement and optimize modern technologies.

- Integrate with payment systems.

- Work with mobile applications, including push notification delivery.




- 3+ years of software engineering experience in Python

- Experience with high-traffic systems handling thousands of requests per minute

- In-depth understanding of the product aspect and the ability to propose enhancements

- Experience with PostgreSQL

- Knowledge of asynchronous programming and multithreading

- Experience with FastAPI

- Experience with Django

- Solid understanding of WebSocket


Will be a plus:


- Full Stack / Frontend development experience.

- Knowledge of HTML / CSS / Bootstrap and other frontend stack tools.


If you are ready to join a dynamic team and leverage your skills in a project with great potential, we would be delighted to welcome you aboard!