DevOps (offline)


• This role will be responsible for making targeted fixes to the code and related infrastructure services. These changes can span from simple cleaning up of unused resources to more complex work updating current infrastructure, building VPCs and CI/CD processes, improving developer experience.



• Bachelor's in Computer Science, Engineering, related field or equivalent practical experience

• 3+ years experience writing/reading/debugging code in one or more languages, such as: PHP, Shell, Python

• 1+ years experience managing Linux-based systems in a cloud like AWS, GKE, etc.

• 1+ years experience with solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes, virtualization, cloud monitoring and logging

• Experience with IaC and config management tools such as Terraform, Cloudformation, Chef, Ansible, and similar.

• Experience building/managing cloud networks, routing, security

• Excellent troubleshooting, attention to detail

• Ability to quickly learn new technologies and follow industry trends