Senior Embedded Linux Developer (IRC199786) (offline)

Job Description

- Experience in the automotive sector;

- Must have experience in Telematics/Connectivity Software Development

- Advanced programming skills in C++ under Linux environment;

- Advanced Linux knowledge (IPC, DBUS, SJJ, CLANG, OS run levels);

- Experiences with object-oriented programming, smart pointers, data containers, STL, threads;

- Inter process communication; DBUS – Linux service for IPC;

- TCP/IP Stack, Sockets – based network communications and IP security;

- Application security and encryption technologies;

- Experience with GIT, Gerrit, JIRA, Clockwork/Linter, Jenkins, google/mock framework, CANoe;

- Agile Teamwork as well as clear and open communication.


Job Responsibilities

- Develop and maintain software codes (C/C++) based on defined component requirements and component design

- Develop and maintain the Yocto environment for the linux telematics projects

- Develop and maintain Linux Device Drivers

- Deliver and integrate the software component in overall software according to defined high level design

- Develop component test plans and test cases to verify the correct functionality against the requirements.

- Verify the software component functionalities in a defined HW target/platform.

- Execute static analysis tools and analyze the results.

- Follow defined project processes and ensure process conformance.

- Report work progress continuously through attendance of daily & weekly project internal meetings.

- Test cases planning & Execution of test plans.


Department/Project Description

GlobalLogic has been developing standalone telematics solutions for vehicle connectivity, letting car drivers enjoy the newest automotive features, innovative safety navigation, and entertainment services. Our clients are the biggest European Automotive OEMs. We help our customers in design and implement embedded software for the electronic control units of the cars as well as related tools and frameworks.

The telematics unit is a complex device from both HW and SW view, providing a large set of services such as voice and data connectivity, localization, e-call, m2m/IoT teleservices, car remote control, data collection, and third-party application runtime environment.

We use state-of-the-art technologies such as over-the-air update (OTA), virtualization, secure storage, trusted execution environment, automotive IoT, CAN, MQTT, Yocto, automotive Ethernet, SomeIP, embedded Linux, etc.