Software Engineer, Business Intelligence and Automation

We treat the company as a system of people, software, and data. Our job is to automate everything software can do better while providing people with information and tools to excel at the rest.

We design workflows, build interfaces for humans and machines to work well together, instrument processes, analyze, and optimize them. Your job will be to implement software that makes DataRobot company work as a single well-oiled machine.

You will be responsible for:
* Designing and building human-machine workflows (creating tools, interfaces, integrations, etc).
* Writing applications that automate parts the company operations using algorithms and AI.
* Instrumenting the business: collecting accurate data about everything that happens in the company and delivering it to people who make decisions, from individual contributors to the CEO.

We move fast and dislike bureaucracy. You will get a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. We expect every person on the team to self-manage, navigate the complexity, and figure out the best way to add value. You will work in close contact with your customers (who are also your colleagues) in quick iterations. You will be able to see the outcomes and value of your work right away.

As a bonus, you will learn how SaaS business works in from the inside, and get experience in Business Intelligence and Product Management.

* 3+ years of experience writing high-quality code in a collaborative environment.
* Ability to translate a business problem into a technical solution.
* Proven experience with automating processes and improving the way your company operates.
* Working knowledge of Python or willingness to learn it fast.
* Interest in learning more about all the functions of the company (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Customer Success).

Nice to have:
* Product management skills to design solutions you implement.
* Excellent communications skills to build good relationships with your customers.
* Data analysis skills to understand the processes you will be improving.

About DataRobot

DataRobot is a Boston-based startup that builds a cloud-based product for data scientists that helps them to build and deploy better predictive models in less time.

Our company is founded and managed by engineers and data scientists (some of them are the best in the world).

We are Backed by top tier investors (NEA, Atlas Ventures, IA Ventures, TechStars, strategic angels).

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Job posted on 15 November 2019

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