Value-driven Front-end ReactJS Developer

Exclusively for Ukrainians. Exclusively value-driven

Core tech stack - JavaScript, ReactJS
Direct hiring contract with Kenya-based US-entity company
Full-time workload, 100% remotely
Onboarding in October 2022
Exclusively for Ukrainians. Exclusively value-driven

Compensation package
Gross salary - 5000-7000 USD per month (gross)
Paid sick leaves and vacations
Sponsored opportunity to live 3 months a year in Kenya
Basic health insurance
Equity in amount of one year salary on standard equity terms

Tech stack of the project
React, Flux, Backbone
Isomorphic JavaScript Applications
Immutable Datastructures and Cursors/Lenses
Building APIs and Component Libraries
AltJS Languages (ClojureScript, PureScript, TypeScript)

Our perfect candidate has:
At minimum 4 years experience in software development
Experience in building out Isomorphic JavaScript Applications, reusable component libraries (using React) and integrating internal/3rd party APIs
Knowledge of JavaScript's type system well and has experience with more sophisticated type systems
Functional Programming experience

Would stand you out among others
Experience with Lazy Evaluation
Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar discipline

Would give you an additional advantage
Great written and verbal communication skills
Being a team player hungry to learn from and teach fellow team members

A few final words you may love to hear
Over the last 9 months they have pulled together a rock-star team of 30 and quietly grown to 500k annualized customer orders. Team chose to work there because the company's business can deliver a huge impact on society and strong financial upside for everyone involved.
Their two best perks are:
Amazing colleagues. We’re ex Jumia, Meta, Naspers, Microsoft, Twiga, etc.
The internal employment program allows everyone to experience 3-months in Kenya
They deeply know the market & are focused on execution. They have great backers and a 2 year runway, including leading global VCs, many unicorn founders & top African family offices. There’s a lot to do. All we need is you. Join them on this journey!

About AOG Global

Actions over buzzwords. Opportunities over promises. Humanity over red tape.

We brew dream teams like your favorite barista in a cozy cafe. Treating people as our guests, we offer the staffing service of their taste. Like latte art, we put a heart into every action. As a must-have topping, we add trust and confidence.

This way, we connect smart and reliable people with the right opportunities. Our passion fuels our well-oiled machine that ensures your speed to scale up globally. Speed does matter as time is everything we have. We are the engines to your rockets: your career and ambitions.

To make this world a better place, we donate 10% of our gross profit to charity foundations we choose with you every month. Together, we build a world where your every working hour changes somebody’s life.

Remote ever since 2013.

Company website:

Job posted on 22 September 2022
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