Blockchain Devops Engineer

You wiil work with blockchain platform - a modular settlement layer which provides all the tools and infrastructure needed to easily launch enshrined rollups as part of the Cosmos eco-system.

About us:
We introduce a scaling paradigm shift, enabling a future where metaverse apps, games and other ultra-TPS services can reside on the blockchain by easily deploying dedicated rollups (RollApps) customized for their needs without having to worry about assembling a validator set.
We will provide all the tools and infrastructure needed to easily build, launch and run autonomous ‘enshrined’ rollups as part of the Cosmos ecosystem. We focus on the execution and settlement layers and thus is able to incorporate the rollup logic into the protocol (enshrine) making it optimized mainly for maintaining rollup states, verifications proofs and fraud proofs while accepting only rollup transactions and basic transfers.
Using our Rollup Development Kit (RDK) and a specialized settlement layer, developers can focus on their business logic needs and easily deploy application specific rollups while benefiting from IRC (Inter-Rollup Communication). This enables the Creation of an interconnected ecosystem of application specific rollups (rollApps). All built on top of a specialized settlement layer where connectivity is enabled, and security is provided.
Our priduct is an open source protocol and as such you’ll have a chance to work and learn open source standards and collaborate with many developers around the world.

About the position:
- Create development tools for tasks such as stress tests, e2e tests, simulation environments, CI pipelines etc.
- Build monitoring infrastructure using prometheus etc.
- Develop tools for the community to easily run our protocol.

- 4+ years of software engineering experience
- 2+ years of experience with docker, docker-compose, cloud environments, test pipelines etc.
- Proficient with traditional client-server architecture
- 3+ years experience with writing frontend and backend services
- A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals including network, storage, OS, data structures etc.

Nice to have:
- Understanding of the blockchain world and how various blockchain tooling works.
- Contribution to open-source projects

What we offer:
- The opportunity to be part of building the future of the Internet
- Flexible work schedule
- Competitive salary, including equity

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Job posted on 28 July 2022
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