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We are looking for a Lead Engineer (Java) at the American product company iOffice + SpaceIQ.

iOffice + SpaceIQ makes your workplaces smarter and your employee experiences better. If companies need a centralized data-driven platform to make better-informed decisions about their real estate, we’ve got them. If Enterprises want to plan and manage a more productive and efficient work environment, they’ve come to the right place. And if they want to give their employees a frictionless experience so they can do their best work, we do that too. Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential by creating great workplaces that attract and retain the talent they need to grow and succeed.

iOffice + SpaceIQ’s Engineering Department is a high-performance culture marked by boldness and an appetite for productivity. We are looking for a Technical Lead Engineer that will take technical ownership of the core services platform team. Our ideal candidate will be a passionate and experienced technical leader. You should be able to adapt easily to meet the needs of our massive growth and rapidly evolving business environment. You will work in a dynamic environment, integrating multiple scalable, reliable, and secure platforms into several products. We are looking for someone who adheres to self-learning and seeks new solutions.


• You will be reporting to the Engineering Manager - Platform
• This is an extremely hands-on role requiring equal adeptness in microservice architectural design as well as coding. A deep technical ability in solving complex technical challenges is a must.
• You will be designing, building, and maintaining highly scalable platform microservices using technologies such as Java, Spring, and GraphQL.
• You will be collaborating with other distributed teams and departments as needed to iterate on the design and implementation of the application.
• You will be tasked with completing key deliverables for intermediate milestones and deployments as described in the project timeline.
• You will be working closely with the Product and Design teams to build new features to solve business problems and fill business needs.
• You will be participating in code reviews to create robust and maintainable code.
• You will be responsible that the team’s services being scalable, observable, and maintainable in mission-critical production environments.
• Mentor junior and senior Dev Engineers on engineering best practices for architecture, implementation, and operation of large-scale cloud systems.
• You will undertake “tours of duty” with product teams to help them implement the transition to our next-generation microservice architecture.

Key Performance Indicators
• Providing technical leadership and a clear architectural vision to the team.
• Fostering iOffice + SpaceIQ’s engineering culture including:
o Innovation.
o DevOps culture – owning the entire pipeline of software from development to end-of-life.
o QA culture – ensure the team is constantly improving the quality of our products, code-base, and our processes.

• Experience building large-scale backend systems, particularly leveraging a microservice architecture.
• Experience with Java
• Strong fundamentals in Object-Oriented and Functional programming, best practices, and testing methodologies
• Experience building highly scalable, maintainable, robust, and fault-tolerant services
• Hands-on experience with SQL (PostgreSQL) and relational databases
• Engineered scalable solutions using big-data streaming, event-based, or pub/sub-technologies (Kafka, AWS Kinesis) -- highly desired.
• Experience with the AWS ecosystem, containers, Kubernetes, and CI/CD
• Eager to learn new technologies and frameworks.
• Adept at communicating and collaborating effectively with others (outside the team), promoting your ideas as well as being humble when you may be wrong.
• Experience with agile methodologies
• Willingness to take responsibility, accountability, and ownership.
• Willingness to work outside of normal working hours to complete mission-critical tasks.
• Outstanding communication and influencing abilities, paired with strong technical leadership.
• BS in Computer Science, BS in Computer Information Systems, or Equivalent Experience

Huge plusses
• Knowledge of frontend stack (JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, ES6)
• Experience in the development and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines
• DevOps experience, preferably within AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

The iOffice + SpaceIQ Culture
Innovation. We are inspired by progress, driven to be the best in the market, and motivated by being a disruptor in every area we do business. Even after years of working on a project, our people are still striving to improve and create first-in-class initiatives—because if you’re not innovating, you’re falling behind.
Integrity. We say what we mean and deliver what we promise. Our employees are encouraged to act transparently and are empowered to take responsibility. This is how we earn and maintain the trust and support of our peers, as well as the respect and admiration of our customers.
Achievement. Everything we do is built on our vision for a better tomorrow. As experts in our field, we continue to guide and shape the business category we created. Every decision, initiative, and action we take is informed by our sense of who we are as a company and our responsibility as a leading force in our industry.
Enthusiasm. Our inspiration created the IWMS category. Our dynamism led to countless other industry firsts. And, our tireless dedication turned our company into a truly global enterprise. Today, that same energy keeps us pushing ahead for ways to improve and innovate—propelled by the conviction that the best is yet to come.
Teamwork. We operate on the conviction that the best and quickest way to succeed is by helping those around us to succeed. As a global company, it is in our DNA to work seamlessly with people from around the world to achieve a common purpose. This starts with supporting each other in thought, word, and deed to be our best selves.

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Job posted on 20 June 2022
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