Looking for Junior DevOps (primary task) and Tester (secondary task). Long term, full time job. English - enough for chatting, reading and writing documentation. The work schedule is flexible, 100% remote. Salary up to $1000.

A team is being formed for the multifaceted project (examples: CMS, Social Network, Market Place, Music and other).

1. Required skills:
- Kubernetes. Without Kubernetes skills please do not reply;
- Unix;
- Docker;
- Nginx;
- Ansible;
- Python;
- Git.
2. English sufficient for reading technical documentation, communicating on technical forums, chatting and sufficient for writing instructions on the topic "how to use ABC tool";
3. 100% remote;
4. Full employment (~160-170 hours per month);
5. Free schedule, there is no binding to 9:00-18:00 and Monday-Friday, except for the moments with scheduled conferences;
6. Payment for the hours worked once a month based on the tracker results. Increase in rates once a year;
7. Terms of cooperation: interview + probation period;
8. Experience: 1+ year.
9. Will be a plus:
- Prometheus + Grafana.

- Build Kubernetes clusters + autoscaling + CI/CD + Monitoring + DB Clustering (primary task);
- Testing (secondary task, usually in case when everything related to the primary task has been done).


ТОВ «КУА «ХОК КЕПІТАЛ» - професійний учасник фондового ринку: ліцензія Національної комісії з цінних паперів та фондового ринку на здійснення професійної діяльності на фондовому ринку – діяльність з управління активами інституційних інвесторів ( діяльність з управління активами).

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