Founded in 2015, we offer an app that uses artificial intelligence to detect road hazards and then alerts other drivers in the surrounding area. The app detects collisions, congestion, closed lanes, dangerous road conditions, and more. We are headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

General Information:

Our dash cams enable new vision-based applications for better driving. When drivers pair our dash cams with the app, they join a network that powers new applications for driving and seeing the world.

Using anonymous, aggregated data captured from this network, we have developed a portfolio of vision-based data services for public and private sector partners to make roadways safer and more efficient.

For automotive companies, dash cams are a gateway to a new era of connected services and new killer apps for drivers, from finding a parking spot to vision-based services.

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer to join our team.

Required experience:

We have a high preference for Generalists. Generalists are people that use the right tool for the right problem and do not limit or identify themselves with one or a few tools.They are people that ship features to consumers, not throw their piece over the wall for someone else to finish.

To be more specific:

- Ba/Bsc/Msc in Computer science from an established institution or other equivalent Software Engineering background

- Front End UI web developer, typescript + react.js. Minimum 4 years experience

- Knowledge of one or more CSS frameworks and build systems - eg: saas, semantic, css-in-js, BEM, oocss, etc.

- Knowledge of Full stack development with a good understanding of backend as well (Mainly node.js)

- Experience with builds and cloud deployments - webpack, gulp, AWS, Github actions, CI/CD in general

- Knowledge of best practices for developing, using and authenticating against REST APIs (E.g. Oauth, web tokens, etc.) - Graphql is a nice to have

- Knowledge of best practices for producing performance optimized web pages (Core Web Vitals, lazy loading, etc.)

- Deep knowledge of how different web technologies work (http, ssl/tls, cookies, CDNs, DNS, security mechanisms on the browser, etc.)

- Understanding of the testing pyramid. Experience with at least one toolset (runner, assertion library, etc.) for Unit Testing and E2E testing

- Experience working in eCommerce (Shopify is a plus)

- Experience with Next.js or similar frameworks (static & server rendering)

- Experience with Google tools such as Analytics, Optimize, and Tag Manager (nice to have)

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Job posted on 9 May 2022
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