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It is FinTech project. This will be various integrations development from JAVA part.
In other words, we continously developing some bridges/connection gates from our database via JAVA modules, which synchronically calls some requests and provides responses from third party systems, like a file gate, payment platforms, currency exchange rates upload etc.
Other works will be in PSD2 Open Banking development project (more details The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the transition to stronger payments security (europa.eu)).
Other works can be as well in Payments Initiation Services development with third parties, i.e. client of some Bank A., can buy goods in the shop (which have account in Bank 😎, so in such way he enters through secured portal of shop bank B gates to its own accoun in Bank A, and will perform SEPA instance payment.
Actually A, B, or C are parts between each other, thus we will have some mixed tasks of these developments.

- Integration development from Java part
- development of bridges/connection gates
- works in Payments Initiation Services development with third parties

- professional experience in programming with Java tools;
- professional experience in systems’ integration;
- practical experience of working with micro-services;
- practical experience working with Docker;
- knowledge of Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Apache Camel;
- knowledge of Git/Subversion, Maven and related skills;
- professional experience in working with Java Message Service (JMS), WEB Service, RESTFul Api;
- good knowledge of various protocols (HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.);
- OS Linux administration skills.

Commercial experience with Java 4+ years

Soft skills:
- result oriented,
- responsible

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