Machine Learning Engineer (offline)

Home Furnishing Nordic is a multi-brand organization that is about selling furniture in the Scandinavian region. It has an extensive IT department handled by Forbytes dedicated team. There are different sub-projects with dedicated sub-teams covering different aspects of HFN business.

Required experience and knowledge:
A successful candidate for this position should meet the following technical knowledge and previous experience:

- Has at least two years as an ML developer
- Strong understanding of machine learning concepts and algorithms: to be familiar with the process (data collection, training, evaluation, and making iterative improvements) of building effective learning systems;
- Practical experience in at least one of the following problems: object detection, segmentation, translations, image processing, classification;
- Experience with data cleaning, analysis, and developing efficient, accurate data annotation schemes.
- Mathematical and/or Algorithmic background (understanding vector math (addition, subtraction), DBSCAN algorithm)
- Knowledge of Python and relevant libs such as Numpy; Opencv-python; Dash; Pymysql; Matplotlib, etc
- Knowledge of Database
Mongo and MariaDB
- Experience with SQL
- Intermediate and higher English level
- Experience in working with GIT

It Will be a benefit if the candidate has knowledge or previous experience with:
- Services:

- Languages and Libraries:

About ForbytesAB

At Forbytes we are happy to put our team members first, as long as you commit to put the client first.
We always looking for people who have the talent and skill set to work in a team and effectively deliver the capability the business client needs. You will be working with eCommerce solutions so must be interested in delivering business value functionality that will improve sales via digital media.
As an individual working at Forbytes we are looking for the following in each individual:
Able to respect other people’s opinions and willing to explore the assumptions behind their point of view before criticising their opinion.
Able to listen, ask questions and understand the other persons point of view.
Willing to give advice on how best to achieve the business needs.
Willing to take responsibility for the work you do and ensure that it meets the business needs both in the capability it delivers and quality.
A commitment to continuously improve your knowledge of the business you are delivering the eCommerce solution for.
A pledge to continuously improve your technical knowledge so that you are able to deliver the most effective solutions in terms of meeting our client’s business objectives.

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