Help us develop and launch the product, which will bring a lot of joy to its users. We already have a dev. team, growing customer base, logic, wireframes, text, etc.

Your task will be to take components and build the dashboard, main site, email templates.


We are building a service that will allow users to register and manage their US-based company.

A feature-rich and easy-to-use customer dashboard is very important for our service. Your task will be to help make this dashboard a reality.

We like UI elements developed by We are confident that it has all we need to build the dashboard and the new site (landing pages).

What needs to be done

You have to love great UI/UX and be detail-oriented. In addition, you will have to learn our process and understand the end result we are trying to achieve.

You will use elements to:

- Build a new site (landing pages).
- Build dashboard. Several main features:
-- onboarding and login process
-- input forms with multiple steps
-- company page
-- user page
-- order page
-- pages that can be converted (printed) in PDF.

How we will help you

We already have process logic, wireframes, most of the text (copy), backend and frontend developer, project manager, system administrator, QAs, and advisers. Everybody in the team will be there to assist you with anything you might need.

Your opinion is important! Usually, we make collective decisions and take into account everybody’s input.

You can work on your own schedule as long as tasks are done on time.


We want to start with an hourly rate. The rate is negotiable. Our goal is to
make sure you are comfortable with it.

After we establish a good relationship, and if you want it - we can move to the salary option.


We anticipate a high workload during the first 3-6 months.
After the first Beta, we will start adding features on top of the established dashboard.

We are certain that there will always be something to do: new features, improvement of existing features, new projects.

Your first project will be a “small” dashboard that will provide initially only one service. This will allow you to learn, meet and work with the team, and see if we are a good fit for each other. :)

About Incorporate Now Inc

We are building a service that helps anybody to open and run a company in the US. In addition to company registration, we take care of renewals, bookkeeping, taxes, etc. This allows our customers to focus on their business and not wary about administrative tasks.

We have been doing this for 10+ years. Right now, we are completely rebuilding the service. Our primary focus is on automation, customer dashboard, and a major update to our site.

We are a small team, and we need more help. We have a backend developer, frontend developer, project manager, system administrator, QAs, and even a couple of experienced advisers. Right now, we are looking for a frontend developer who will assemble our new site and dashboard from existing UI components.

Company website:

Job posted on 7 June 2021
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