Middle or Senior. Backend developer for developing APIs, microservices, flexible interfaces, at massive scale across multiple continents.


The role requires creativity, a “can-do” approach, and knowledge and experience in multiple platforms and technologies:

﹒In-depth knowledge and experience developing API’s and Microservices
Strong proficiency with JavaScript
﹒Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it (such as Express, StrongLoop, etc.)
﹒Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds
﹒Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
﹒Experience working with various data storage solutions such as Redis, MongoDB, etc.
﹒Experience working with Queuing solutions such as gearman, RabbitMQ, SQS, etc.
﹒Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
﹒Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

Part of the role will include integration with multiple external APIs, processing of the data, and compiling it in a flexible way to accommodate various output requirements. The role will allow getting in on the ground floor, participating in laying down the foundations of the technology and being a key-member of the team that will constantly grow.

About Fluvius

Life Story

“Fluvius started on October, 2015 by Georgiy Gres living in Austria that times. The growing of the company from nothing to 7 people in a team and 5 simultaneous projects was very amazing and ambitious way of development during all the following year.

In less than 8 months after the start we moved to our first office as the organisational culture and operational communications of the team required this. We were happy. The business developed was good until we acceded 10 people and the management became hard. In the result and fortunately, our business was bankrupt on the eve of the new year and we were gaining fabulous experience from that! Based on this experience, knowledge of business administration and skills of programming, the great initial set of business processes in combination with agile organisational structure was developed.

Thereby, Fluvius provides stunning level of services in web and mobile development nowadays, having 100% of satisfied clients mainly thanks to Anton Yakushin for the excellent quality of the code, as well as to Georgiy Gres for our strong business-processes and systems. Special thanks to all our partners and employees for solving hard problems, accepting of innovations and development for the better!

Fluvius always stays at the source of success of its clients, since the Client is the core value. Moreover, we heavily strive to make successful the clients of our clients providing rather the complex interactive business support, than only the programming services.”

Company website:

DOU company page:

Job posted on 3 June 2021
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