Opportunity to lead development on a new React Native project. This application will support a successful, existing ReactJS web application with NodeJS backend. The application involves video features.

We are a small business, located in California and we develop our own products.

We are profitable and are growing fast.

We are creating a new team of 5 developers, based in Ukraine.

This is an opportunity to work in a fun, agile, small team with multiple responsibilities.

VIDEO: this application will include features for viewing video, uploading video, live-streaming video.

REQUIREMENT: React Native experience

BONUS: Swift, Kotlin, MongoDB, NodeJS experience

*our team also works on NFTs, NodeJS API, NGINX, AWS. So you can learn and be involved with additional areas, if you are interested.

This project includes React Native, MongoDB, NodeJS, FFMPEG, S3, Transcoding

About In-Game Technologies, Inc.

1. General Description
We’re an American California-based product company specializing in sports applications.

2. About the Products
We collaborate with the best experts of their respective fields to create the most useful products for our users. Our products serve large and small businesses, including Nike.

3. Technologies we Use
We work on ReactJS web applications with TypeScript, React Native applications (expo and cli), Swift, NodeJS. We are also looking to begin a new NFT feature.

4. Management of the team
The team is led by American Senior Engineer Ben Swinford and Ukrainian Project Manager Natalie Oleksyn.

5. Culture
We're looking to build long term relationship with our employees and want you to be happy at your work place that's why we offer you flexible working hours and 4 weeks of paid vacation per year . We're open-minded and always ready to negotiate a reasonable solution for any problem that arises. We love what we do and we always put quality first. We're getting bigger every day so now we're looking to expand our team with energetic and enthusiastic people that share our values.

Company website:

This job is no longer active.
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