- no legacy codebase
- fully CI/CD integration
- Build high-quality, documented, and reusable code that can be used in the future
- Focus on tests and reliability

* Golang/NodeJS
* API development
* Working within docker
* Experience with CI/CD
* Understanding of Blockchain/Ethereum/Solidity

* Be involved and participate in the overall application lifecycle
* Main focus on coding and debugging and building on production-ready code
* Collaborate with Front-end developers
* Build high-quality, documented, and reusable code that can be used in the future
* Develop functional and sustainable web applications with clean code
* Troubleshoot and debug applications
* Stay up to date with current best practices

*About project*
We are building a platform that allows U.S.-based B2B lenders to deposit/withdrawal balance within an hour by using DeFI protocols. Given the nature of the platform's users, all transactions occur in a fully compliant manner based on guidance from the various U.S. government agencies with oversight responsibilities.

The platform is a web-based UI for B2B lenders with the ability for cash monitoring using various industry standard dashboards. Members of the platform can see aggregate cash data for the other entities on a cumulative basis. The user is also presented with an order book to see what those entities who have cash are willing to lend at over a given term.

About Webdevelop

Hi! We are a motivated team of developers who enjoy their work. We are remote - part of us is located in the USA, part in Ukraine and one guy is from Russia. We tried to fire him but he made a comeback.

From the technical perspective, we try to be upstream but we are not using technology in production till we don't get enough understanding of that technology.

One in a year we getting all together in Kyiv to drink some beer, to have fun and to exchange knowledge and new skills

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DOU company page:

Job posted on 3 November 2020

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