SaaS Senior Sales Manager

Kyiv, Lviv. · $3200 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hustler of Lead Generation with 7+ years of experience in technology field over the US, Europe and Asia. My area of expertise is the combination of analytics-based lead generation and market trends. Seeking to bring my proven record into a disruptive company.

CRM, Email Marketing, B2B sales, Account Management, Sales

Creating and managing lead generation strategy. Established successful strategic partnerships and customers growth.

Company with disruptive technology. Progressive and goal oriented team. I will prefer SaaS company over the rest.


Business Development Manager | Affiliate Marketing Manager

Kyiv · $1700 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- Cooperation and negotiation with international partners and global CPA networks - Work experience abroad (mostly, German speaking countries) - Strong understanding of the basics affiliate management metrics, such as CPA, CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, ROI, EPC, EPV, LTV, CR, CTR, Revenue share and other metrics. - Working on a partnerships project in order to increase the company’s market presence - Establishing trust-worthy communication with core partners in order to grow revenue on a monthly basis - Participation and company representation in important events (international digital marketing fairs) of the sector - Collaboration with webmasters for purchasing the traffic - Business analysis using BI tools - Mentoring and coaching for new team members

Business development, English, Agile, Communication Skills, Analytics, German, Kanban, Media Buying, Affilate marketing, Partnership management

- Master Degree in Business Management (Germany) - 3 years working experience in business management&marketing - Successful negotiation with top partners on European area (Ebay, AWIN, Booking, Groupon etc.) - Launching start up on the new market

- Working with high-end IT products with a focus on international environment - Capacity for professional improvement - Friendly atmosphere in the workspace


Head of Business Development/Head of Sales/Head of Projects

Odesa · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Maintaining and increasing sales of company's products; Increasing business opportunities through various routes to market; Recruiting and training sales staff; Reaching the targets and goals set for my area; Monitoring my team's performance and motivating them to reach targets; Solid negotiating experience; Keeping up to date with products and competitors; Jira/Basecamp/Mailchimp

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, It sales, B2B, International sales, Negotiations, Lead generation, Account Management, Team management, Business Developement, Networking, Marketing, fluent English, International Deals, Sales executive, Interpersonal abilities, account management, People motivation, Sales Development, AdExchange, English, Management, English- advanced, international business development, Self-organized, Negotiation, Online Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Key Account management, B2B sales, Presentation skills, Sales Management, Project Management, Product management, Project Coordinating, Negotiation skills, Sales Strategy, Problem-solving skills

5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing; Organizational Leadership; Business Strategy and Development; Ad Tech.


Senior Sales Manager, Senior Account Manager

Odesa · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

February 2018 — till now Senior Sales Manager CPI/CPA/CPL Main Duties: searching for new partners, analysis and rapid response for market trends. Provide constant assistance to the existing partners, helping them with any issues via Skype, calls and email. April 2017 - January 2018 Account Manager Main Duties: analysis and rapid response for market trends. Working with all representatives in the digital marketing sphere and converting them into profitable partnerships. Proposing key improvements to the product according to industry demands, negotiations and closing deals. December 2014 —March 2017 Lawyer Legal support of the company; Preparation and maintenance of all types of contracts; Compilation of all legal documentation for companies (acts of work performed, invoices, instructions, etc.); Legal support of transactions; Tax planning and optimization of taxation; Legal support of clients' business; Preparation of written consultations.

Sales, It sales, B2B, English, Business development, Linkedin, Account Management, Lead generation, Networking, Marketing, Sales Management, Direct Sales, International Sales, SMM, Communication Skills, International sales, Business Developement


Lead Generation Manager / Account Manager / Sales Manager

Kyiv · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I’m experienced in sales and business development for a variety of products, and services. Skilled in research, lead generation and customer service. My current responsibilities are: • Generate, develop and close new business in a defined and growing sector • Accurately forecast and close large accounts to exceed client acquisition goals • Coordinate and conduct on-site assessments of potential clients’ needs and requirements • Propose appropriate software application based on the prospect’s pain points • Develop, direct and manage prospecting strategy to secure C and VP level meetings Looking for the start of my career as an Account Manager or continue with Sales and Lead Generation

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, It sales, Account Management, Lead generation and sales qualification, Lead generation, Linkedin, CRM, Digital marketing, International sales, B2B sales, Sales and Lead Generation automation, Key Account management, Direct Sales, B2B, Leadgeneration, Business Developement, English, Sales Strategy, Client Relationship, Email Marketing, Email Outreach, Upwork platform


Business development manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Business development/affiliate manager in CPA network

Affilate marketing, Business Developement, Account Management, Project Management, Digital marketing, Team management, international relations, Account-based Marketing, ecommerce


Руководитель отдела интернет - маркетинга, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Sales Lead

Kharkiv · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

1. Колл - центр Polimentor. Супервайзер англоязычной команды (август 2016 - май 2017). Обязанности: Поиск потенциальных клиентов за рубежом. Ведение переговоров с клиентами. Презентация услуг. Продажа услуг. Постановка и приоритезация задач для подчиненных. Контроль выполнения задач подчиненными. Оценка записей разговор на соответствие стандартам качества. Проведение собраний отдела, планерок. Составление плана обучения подчиненных, проработка индивидуальных точек роста. Проведение собеседований. Обучение персонала в команду. Обучение операторов для коллег, работающих на рынок СНГ. Ведение отчетности. Достижения: Успешно справлялся с командой из 8 человек. Постоянно перевыполнял поставленные KPI по обучению новых сотрудников для компании. 2. Агентство интернет - маркетинга Netpeak. Sales Development Representative (апрель 2017 - февраль 2018). Обязанности: Письменная и вербальная коммуникация с потенциальными клиентами из СНГ, Европы, Северной Америки. Первичная обработка поступающих лидов. Классификация лидов. Консультации потенциальных клиентов касательно продукта. Ведение отчетности. Достижения: На выбранной позиции занял второе место, по количеству обработанных заявок в месяц, за всю историю существования должности. Принимал участие в формировании процессов и становлении департамента. Успешно прошел квалификацию и получил должность PPC New Business Manager. Middle New Business Manager (февраль 2018 - июль 2019). Обязанности: Вербальная и письменная коммуникация с лидами, прошедшими первичную обработку. Регионы - СНГ, Европа, Северная Америка. Выявление потребности потенциальных клиентов. Подбор решений под задачи малого, среднего, и крупного бизнеса. Проведение личных встреч на всех этапах переговоров. Подготовка индивидуальных коммерческих предложений. Составление и проведение презентаций. Работа с возражениями. Подготовка договоров и счетов. Ведение проектов в роли Project Manager. Постановка и приоритезация задач маркетологам в рамках ведения проектов. Коммуникация с клиентом во время реализации проекта. Ведение внутренней и внешней отчетности. Ап - сейл и кросс - сейл. Обучение сотрудников. Достижения: Разработал для команды документ, просчитывающий эффективность на каждом отдельном этапе. Провел переговоры с более чем 1500 клиентских бизнесов. Средняя конверсия из заявки в закрытую сделку составила 12-16%. Средний цикл закрытия сделки составил 27 дней.

Sales, It sales, English, Communication Skills, International sales, Account Management, Negotiations, Project Management, Team player, Marketing, Presentation skills, customer support, Team management, Sales Management

Стабильным ростом.

Ожидаю попасть в команду, где самый главный ресурс - команда. Хочу работать с профессионалами и сложными вызовами.


Sales (Development) Representative

Lviv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hranipex (furniture industry services): 02.2017 – 04.2019 - branch back office manager, 09.2016 – 04.2019 – AKU (advanced key user), QAD and CRM tutor, 03.2014 – 04.2019 - operations manager, launch QAD ERP system, 06.2012 – 04.2019 – head of customer service, head of marketing, 01.2010 – 04.2019 - responsible for hiring team, head of purchasing department, 03.2008 – 04.2019 –sales manager, marketing manager, 09.2007 - 12.2007 – trainings in HQ. Help in running UA branch I`m looking for sales position in IT. It might be junior position, as I have great sales experience in distribution in furniture industry. I was also involved in IT projects like Advanced Key User, and my mission was to teach and tranee my colegues for CRM, BI and ERP we used.

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, English, B2B, International sales, Negotiations, Lead generation, CRM, Team player, Key Account management, customer support, Business development, Team management, ERP System, Client relations management

increasing sales (5-30% annually); launching ERP (QAD), BI and CRM ( during 1 year); user and support of client- bank, Quanda and Planning Wizard and take support from IT department in case of bugs; experienced user of Microsoft office`s applications; 95% of our customers satisfied with my approach; Progect manager for main big customers; Product manager - launching new products

I don`t have knolege in developing


CBDO, CCO, Head of Sales

Kyiv · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Sales, Business Development at IT Outsourcing

Sales, Business development, Team management, International sales, It sales, Communication Skills, Lead generation, Business Developement, Account Management

I know the sales process and IT development. How it works and what do you need to grow it up. Now I'm looking for a new opportunity. There are few facts about me: I worked with projects from $5000 to $500 000. For one of my previous company, I generated up to $50 000 income per month as a salesperson. I hired and teach the best sales team as Sales Director. The goals were to build new sales with good rates and we completely did it. When I quit most of the team was hired to the IT Investment Fund. I had two business trips at the USA and have some connections in NY, Boston, SF, Chicago and so. I'm very well in Ukrainian IT area and have huge network connections with many interesting people. So if I can fit your needs just let me know.

Wanna find any position as CBDO, CCO, Head of Sales


Engagement Manager, Project Coordinator, Sales Manager

Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, EU · $600 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have 1 year experience working as a customer support representative, sales representative in b2c company 1 year of experience in IT sales including lead generation, pre-sales process, sales closing. Communication with stakeholders, team leads. Deep knowledge of top technologies from the business side Fluent English, Intermediate Spanish Participation in a cultural exchange program W&T USA

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, B2B, English, Business development, International sales, Negotiations, CRM, Presentation skills, Business Developement, B2C, Networking, customer support, UpWork, Pre-sales, Google Drive, fluent Spanish, Business Strategies, Russian, Negotiation skills, Strategic planning, Self-motivated, fluent English, Business Process Development, strategy, Team player, International Deals, Project Management, Team management

Establishment of long-term cooperation with European startup which brought a new challenging complex project. As a result, this experience was of great importance for each team member as they upgraded their skills, provided us great expertise to show in the future cooperations.

New challenging tasks which I can turn into 100% useful experience both for me and the company. New skills to gain Change career vector to project management New people to interact with. New strategies and approaches. Less Upwork type work, less monkey job.

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