Project Manager, Director

kyiv, Ukraine · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hello: I have vast experience in Project Management and IT System set up and Development. I am a cross-culture IT professional. I can plan, develop, set up and complete projects. I have designed, managed and finished a different kind of software projects. I can set up and run IT companies from the ground to the top. I have the experience to set up SLA, KPI policies.

ASP.NET, AWS, Cross Culture Communication, Data Centers, ISO 27001, Java, Linux, Open Stack, Pen Test, phyton, Project Management, Security, SQL, Staff training and development, Strategic Analysis, Team management, Product management

I have developed an IT infrastructure for the brand new University. I was so excited because we have to understand all the needs of IT such as students, lecturers, faculty staff. We have built a hundred web page, corporate portal, web TV, IOS and Android apps. Fulfilling the needs of the people was excellent.

I want to develop and learn new technologies. I love reading and learning every day. I want to be part of the team. I want to see happy people after our development.


Product manager

kiїv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Починав кар’єру як графічний та веб дизайнер, поступово перейшов на артдирекшн дизайнерської команди та проектний менеджмент при розробці вебсайтів. Комунікація з клієнтами, командою девелоперів. Наразі керую дизайн-студією, розвиваю освітній онлайн проект.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Team management, Product management, trello, Microsoft Office, User Experience, Adobe Photoshop

Декілька запущених корпоративних сайтів у стислі терміни і вдало технічно, планування проектом, вирішення операційних задач і проблем. Розробка і запуск он-лайн проекту з підготовки до міжнародних іспитів з англ. мови.

Цікавий технологічний проект, сучасні методології організації, сильна команда, яка б мотивувала розвиватися кожного нового дня.


Delivery Manager, Project Manager

kiev · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

MBA, IT manager with 10+ years’ experience of managing projects in CIS countries. • Program management, delivering consulting services and software customizations for up to $ 10 Mln per year; • Coordinating delivery processes across teams (up to 100 persons) regarding requirements, change management, acceptance criteria, development; • Management of software development life-cycle; • Application support process management; • Pre-sale activities, responsibility for project estimations and forecasting; • Experience in software development and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies.

Business Analysis, Collaboration with int. customers, Delivery, Project Management, Release Management, banking, budgeting, Jira, Agile, content management, HR, MS SHAREPOINT, SQL, trello, SDLC, Python

Accomplished projects: • 2 x Implementation of UBS Oracle Flexcube v.12.0.3 • Integration UBS Oracle Flexcube v.12.0.3 with enterprise service bus (Oracle SOA Suite), card processing software and other satellite software • 2 x Oracle CRM system implementation • Enterprise content management • Intrasite (based on MS Sharepoint 2010) • Board assignment management workflow • Corporate project management system (based on MS Project Server 2007).

I'm looking for position of Delivery|Project Manager in growing company, interested in challenging projects, friendly team, building partnership with customers, learning new technologies and foreign languages, ready for business trips and relocation.


Program / Delivery Manager

kyiv, Ukraine · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, English, Team management, AGILE/SCRUM, Confluence, Fixed cost project, Time and Material

19 April

Junior Project Manager 

kharkiv, Ukraine · $850 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

March - April 2019, Project Manager, Brightgrove Ltd. January 2018 - February 2019, Customer Care Team Lead, Gameloft; April 2015 – January 2018, Customer Care agent, Gameloft; 2015, Media relations intern at Business.People (remote); 2011-2015, private tutor (English, Spanish).

Confluence, English, Jira, Time Managment, Customer Relations, working with foreign customers, Customer care, MS Office, Project Management, Agile, Customer communication

• 4 years of proven experience in customer service • managing a team of 10+ people • understanding of a project lifecycle • basic knowledge of Agile methodologies • developed soft skills • managing a team of 10+ people • experience with JIRA and Confluence • English, Spanish, basic French and Portuguese

Please note that my experience as a manager is related to Customer Care dept. I have basic knowledge of PM methodologies, though developed soft and organizational skills. I am a quick learner and look forward to try myself as a PM.

19 April

Account manager

odessa, Ukraine · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Adwords, team-building, Agile, SEO, business development, outsourcing, web applications, wordpress

Agile, Bussiness Development, HTML5, Sales, Presentations, Project Management, Marketing, CSS

19 April

Project Manager

kyiv, Ukraine · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Two years hands-on experience in IT as Product owner and Project Manager in Agile environment. Aimed at improving overall delivery processes on time and within budgeting, consistency across project teams, and client satisfaction. Seeking to leverage leadership expertise as IT Project Manager for IT company Hard Skills: • IT Project Lifecycle - SDLC process, DTAP; • Contracting (Time & Materials, Fixed Capacity, Fixed Price), Budgeting, Reporting, Upsale, Risk Management, People Management, Strategic Planning; • Manage and Administer - JIRA/Confluence, Waterfall. Proficient in Scrum/Kanban, Waterfall • SWOT analysis, RCA, CCSS analysis, 5 Why; • Basic knowledge of front end, back-end environments, QA, CI/CD, Client-Server Architecture, API, AWS; • Upper-intermediate level of English. Soft skills: Goal-oriented, Decision making, Communication, Collaboration, Conflict resolution, Time management, Adaptability, Empathy.

Scrum, Agile, Jira, Project Management, Product management, Risk management, Confluence, IT Project Lifecycle, Contracting, Time & Materials, Fixed Capacity, budgeting, reporting, Upsale, People management, Strategic Planning., SDLC, DTAP

19 April

Senior Project Manager

kiїv · $4500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Manager with the experience of managing software development and IT projects in betting, gambling, and telecommunications. Totally 16 years of the work experience in IT, last 6 years in Project Management. Good organized and self-motivated with strong project management and problem-solving skills. Can organize teamwork and achieve an assigned goal. Have experience of Waterfall and Agile software development process. Certified Scrum Master. Was working on several projects simultaneously, have presale experience. Agile, Scrum, XP, Scope management, Risk management, Backlog Management, Prototyping, Requirements gathering.

Agile, Jira, Kanban, OOP, PHP, Project Management, Scrum, Team management, JavaScript, MS Project, UML, XP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, TFS, English, SDLC

Created one of the biggest e-shops in 2004. Created and sold own e-shop in 2008. Managed several teams, facilitated and setup agile processes. Scrum, XP, Scope management, Risk management, Backlog management, Prototyping, Requirements gathering. Certified Scrum Master. Have SAFe certification

Be part of an interesting project with new technologies and big challenges. Ideally: Web and/or Mobile

19 April

Бизнес аналитик, business analysis

kyiv, Ukraine · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Олег, и я хочу работать бизнес-аналитиком в ИТ-компании. К сожалению, опыта работы вне банка не имею, но я готов учиться всему новому и развиваться. Обладаю большим опытом в банковской сфере – более 17 лет. Я работал как в мелких, так и в средних и крупных банках. Мои знания банковского ПО достаточно широки – от системы по работе с залоговым имуществом (написание бизнес-требований, общение с разработчиками, конечными пользователями, UAT и функциональное тестирование, исправление багов, DQM), системы по работе с кредитами: фронт-офсиная, мидл-офисная и бэк-офисная части (написание бизнес-требований, общение с конечными пользователями, UAT и функциональное тестирование, исправление багов), операционных систем банка, до ПО по рейтингованию, дефолтам, ГСК, расчёту RWA (risk-weighted assets), CRM-системы, Jira и т.д. Я ответственен, исполнителен, коммуникабелен, хорошо владею английским языком, быстро обучаюсь новому.

Business Analysis, Confluence, HTML, Microsoft Office, Jira, SQL, BPMN, MS Project, SDLC, English, Business Analytics, Analytics, UML, Flowchart, User Story, Use cases, Qa, Manual Testing, UAT, Requirements management, User stories, Requirements analysis, Communication Skills, Problem Solving

Адаптация банковских систем и методологии к базельским требованиям и требованиям Европейских банков. Внедрение GDWH (Group DaraWarehouse). Разработка и внедрение DQI. Разработка и внедрение дополнений к банковским программным комплексам. Разработка и внедрение APS-системы (от открытия текущих счетов до выдачи средств в операционной системе).

Работа в надёжной компании с хорошим коллективом и адекватной оплатой труда, где я могу реализовать свои теоретические и практические навыки, а также получить новые. Также стремлюсь до развития, профессионального роста, результата, эффективности и реализации себя как сильной личности..

19 April

Project Manager

kiїv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

January 2018 - present Project manager Work responsibilities: ● Provided accounts resource and delivery management; ● Developed personal development plans; ● Worked as a tutor for several product specialists. July 2016 - January 2018 Senior product specialist Work responsibilities: ● Performed full cycle management process from pre-selling to closing of the projects; ● Performed long term, iterations planning; ● Provided budget management, estimates validation, cost control/reduction; ● Managed the quality control; ● Balanced quantity and quality of the resources of the project; ● Provided the risk management; ● Managed project changes; ● Delivered on-time, on-budget and on-spec projects; ● Created the development process for new projects; ● Built the relationship with new and current customers. July 2015 - July 2016 Product specialist Work responsibilities: ● Planned sprints, iterations, releases; ● Managed backlog; ● Facilitated project meeting 1 to 1 and retrospective; ● Communicated with the customers to gather the requirement and provide the project status; ● Improved development process; ● Rated team members; ● Resolved conflict; ● Provided the team building and team motivation activities. July 2014 - July 2015 Junior product specialist Work responsibilities: ● Planned sprints; ● Facilitated project meeting; ● Prepared and actualized the project documentation; ● Created project reports for the team and customers; ● Calculated earned value analysis; ● Provided tier 2 customer support for end users; ● Performed acceptance testing; ● Created the specification; ● Produced marketing research to identify market trends for planning the next releases; ● Conducted lectures. May 2013 – July 2014 Business analyst Work responsibilities: ● Communicated with customers; ● Gathered and analyzed the requirements; ● Wrote of business processes, specifications, documentation; ● Created GUI prototypes; ● Planned, prioritized and assigned tasks for developers; ● Tracked the tasks statuses.

Project Management, Jira, Confluence, Support, Scrum, Agile, Product management, Redmine, Risk management, Conflict Management, Change Management, Resource management, Kanban, Waterfall, Release Management, Delivery management, PMBOK, Team Building, Team management, Communication, SDLC

I have more than 5 years of experience in desktop, web, mobile project management in the IT industry. Experienced in the successful delivery of on-time, on-budget and on-spec projects with the fixed price, time and material, dedicated team scheme of work. Successful simultaneous management of 8 small and medium size (up to 25 team members) projects. Successful simultaneous delivery management of 3 accounts.

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