We are Rocketech, a young IT company with an HQ office in Singapore and a distributed team. Our employees live and work remotely in Ukraine, the USA, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. We develop websites and web & mobile apps in such a way that each project is a piece of art.

How do we work?

We always have an up-to-date technical stack and execute complex tasks and projects from scratch. We cooperate with large EdTech projects, participate in open source initiatives, and sponsor NestJS. But most importantly, we work, exchange experiences in internal communities, and help each other.

We have a flat structure without a rigid hierarchy. Thus, everything is up to you, from the project result to direct communication with the customer. We believe in small teams and self-organization that results in less bureaucracy and more results.

We have a fully distributed team. There is no office, but properly established processes and software help us stay in touch.

We respect each other's time and space, so we don't have a strict schedule or work hours requirements. You can work where and when it is convenient for you.

Our corporate culture is based on well-being principles. We all work in the company's best interests, and the main priority of Rocketech is the employees' interests. Each of us is an equal partner who selects this company because of the striving for financial and life well-being, and Rocketech supports its employees towards this goal.

We work in an open and comfortable atmosphere with no guilty people. Everyone has the opportunity to learn and receive reasoned feedback.

We implement a pragmatic working approach. Therefore, we treat ourselves and others strictly and demandingly, as well as value involvement and independence.

Our top priorities are people and their development.

We take projects from scratch, so our developers do not have to fix other people's mistakes.

We offer an extensive tech stack.

We view profit as a well-deserved reward for high expertise and not a factor in determining goals.

Our values

We strictly follow the principles of professional ethics, morality and decency in all our actions related to customers, partners and the team. Thus, we take personal responsibility for the result.

We take on complex tasks and are not afraid to make mistakes. It allows us to act independently and be flexible and firm enough.

We are not performers but partners. We are ready to listen and hear the customer's needs and look for the best option to solve their business problems. Our work is based on personal discipline, transparent communication and respect.

The result is essential, not the number of completed tasks. We don't say, "It's none of my business," but we don't wait for guidelines. We are ready to point out a mistake to the customer if their actions do not lead to the project's success, just because we care.

Our advantages

No office routine. No arguing about the order to use the microwave and no coffee stains on the table. We value time, so there's no reason to waste it on the road to the office.

Diversity. You can choose a comfortable project for you, from an online casino to a translator. We use no legacy code, only new projects based on up-to-date technologies.

Flexible system of cooperation: choose a schedule and full-time or part-time employment.
We pay per hour and provide a fair wage for overtime. Plus, we allow you to influence your income; the more you earn, the more you get.

We have an excellent reputation in the software development market and among candidates in the labour market. We are also one of the top US development companies (according to Clutch rating).

Rocketech was awarded the "Gold verified partner" button by the Clutch research platform as the company with the highest customer trust and business sustainability rating.

Who is our perfect candidate?

In general, we have already built a rocket with a control unit. We continue to improve and fine-tune the processes on board. Our team is the crew, and the customer takes the commander's chair. We call it the partnership, a synergy of customer knowledge and employee expertise. Thanks to this model, we aim to change the attitude towards IT product development. We have a grand cosmic plan, and we need like-minded people. We are waiting for talented, active, honest and open people who are ready for a great start with us. Is this all about you? - Welcome aboard!

Visit rocketech.it/vacancies, choose a job and send your CV. You can also write directly to the recruiters assigned to each vacancy.

And yes, we have a simplified hiring process because we value your and our time. Only two interviews and no test tasks! From the first meeting to getting the Job Offer, you are assigned to a recruiter who becomes a partner and leads you through each stage with no stress. Anyway, you'll have a good experience!

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