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About B2D

B2D is a team of young developers who are united by common ideas and dreams. We fully enjoy the process and moving forward because it means a lot for all of us. From the moment of silent share of idea how we can help an outstaff become easier to a moment when we have more than 50 closed contracts with businesses from Ukraine, Israel, United States, Belgium, France, Canada and many others across the world. We have developed a new concept of outstaff. B2D is looking for developers with different experience, different skills and knowledge. Our system replenishes project offers range without stopping. This gives us an opportunity to grow fast. From small projects with a length of few weeks to long-term start-ups and blockchain projects. The new concept of outstaff assume the presence of an automated system that identifies most beneficial project to do for every individual developer system’s portfolio. Basing on the information received from candidates a combination of system’s algorithm and our team candidate receives offers with the work that’s competent to run for reward that is higher than the reward that could be found on freelance.

This team is not about the technology, it is about people who loves technology and use it to expand the possibilities of growing developing industry and connect people from different industries and niches. We encourage that passions of our team to bring a significant contribution to the industry.

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