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Don’t Panic recruitment has a proven track record of helping business owners leverage the benefits of offshore outsourcing to stimulate business growth.


What stands between you and your perfect candidate?

Lack of time - you don’t have time to look for candidates when you need to scale your business fast.

Lack of skills - you are expert at what you do, but to find, contact, convince and shortlist prospects requires a totally different set of skills.

Lack of genuineness - Outsource companies and freelancers are not the case, you need someone motivated by something other than money.

Lack of network - The power of recruiter’s network often pays off big time. We are in touch with other recruiters, whom we have done a favor and are very likely to return it in order to maintain mutually beneficial relationship.

1. High Quality, Low-Cost Talent
Our experienced recruitment team will help you hire the best employees available. We will find a person as if he/she was to join your family.

2. 24/7 Communication
We know how volatile the world of startups can be, in order to support you at any given moment we promise to reply 24/7. We take pride in our responsiveness and how we address emergencies.

3. Full Service Support
We can take care of IT, HR, payroll, account management and admin tasks so you can focus on managing your team, or we can simply find the developer you need. Be it remote or relocate position.

4. 474590 Developers database
Our database is so big we can use the luxury of shortlisting only the candidates genuinely interested in your company’s product, not just people willing to make money.

Don’t panic recruitment is strongly positioned with executive management team in Kiev Ukraine.