About Nanotec Innovations

Nanotec is a bespoke custom software development agency that mainly specializes in crafting web & mobile apps for start-ups and medium-sized companies. We work with chatbots, backend apps, UI/UX design, blockchain, and smart contracts.

Our main cooperation approaches are outsourcing, outstaffing, building dedicated teams and creating partnerships with startup founders.
Our specialists are up-to-speed with all of latest advances when it comes to developing a new interesting project. Our all-encompassing support begins with the design of a program and ends with the submission of the final code and the collection of user feedback.

Nanotec is highly interested in partnering up with promising start-ups and early-stage companies for crafting a great product which would generate returns for all stakeholders in the long-run. We consider providing our services based on a mix of cash and equity remuneration or future repayments from attracted investments.

Nanotec was founded by Elizabeth Tyshchenko, who is a venture capitalist. Elizabeth is the main investor in
Nanotec and this makes our company protected from negative market climate. The quality of our service and our commitment to deadlines are key factors in the success we have been able to share with our clients and our products. We strongly believe in building true partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties in the long-term.

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