About Dugga

At app.dugga.se teachers can create exams, students can perform exams and teachers can then correct the exams. Dugga handles all of this, saving swedish teachers 3-5 hours per week, anonymizing correcting of exams and saving some trees as well.

Dugga is a swedish startup with revenue that is currently covering its costs. Dugga also received additional funding recently from its investors to speed up the expansion on the swedish market even more. Dugga is backed by microsoft and is "co-sell ready". This means that when we are ready microsoft will help us to reach out to microsofts customers.

Our aim is that no exam will be done on paper while our customers use our products. The platform was developed by teachers, for teachers. That means that our product is the most complete on the Swedish market (and probably all other markets as well).

Our biggest challange right now is to make our product scalable to many more users since we basically get more new customers than our sales team can handle.

If you join us you will be an important part of a small technical team of just 5 developers plus you. Everyone in the development team are encouraged to question how we do things and if anything could be done better. We are a very relaxed team where what you deliver matters much more than at what time you come in in the morning for example. You are expected to do your job well, how you best do it only you can know.

Main technologies:
Docker and docker-compose
vuejs (prototype phase)

Company website: