Company details

Who we are?

Maklai is about producing new products. We are working on our product development and improvement. Our passion and desire is to create a great team, the team of smart, open-minded and efficient people. We believe this team will increase value to the product and achieve strategic goals by doing day-by-day tasks.

Briefly about us:
1. We are working during 13 years
2. Our specialization - travel ( highly competitive and interesting)
3. One of our product has 3m+ clients from over 37 countries and 30 languages
4. We are - 150 employees and we keep growing...

Our values:
Potential & Development - we promote in our team self-improvement skills. We believe that our company develop only when our people are improving.
Troubleshooting - our model is to solve business problem affective, timed and useful.
Creative solutions - we like to think outside the box. Our team is independent and we welcome discussions.
Generate - we care about our products. Sprint by sprint, during day-by-day work we develop it, we increase value for our clients.
Trust - we go faster due to trust and mutual aid in our company. We appreciate that.
Comfort - we DO care who will join our team. We have a friendly climate, usually we like to go out together or order pizza or watch movies after work.