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About Alter Ego

Hello! We're building Alter Ego Life Philosophy — the world's leading philosophy app on iOS, used daily by thousands. We make the wisdom of the Stoics and historical figures accessible and practical for users' lives.

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Alter Ego uses AI to teach the habit of self-reflection and allows users to debate with Ayn Rand about capitalism, build resilience with Viktor Frankl, or plan the day with Marcus Aurelius.

Most adults make serious mistakes with relationships, life decisions, and money because they don’t rely on themselves enough. We all go through similar stages in life, facing similar problems and challenges. Why can’t we rely on the previous experiences of the world’s greatest minds on how to live life?

We're a remote-first company. Our team members and investors are Ukrainians; some of us co-founded Readdle, built AI at Zalando, or used machine learning in the information war.

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