About Binaryx

⚡️Binaryx - Your gateway to RWA

Binaryx.com (https://binaryx.com/) - is a revenue-generating Infrastructure & oracle provider for RWA, providing legally compliant trading & investing opportunities. With direct RWA ownership.

- $12,2M Tokenization Pipeline
- 70K+ Community
- 8,300+ Registered Users
- $850K+ Total Tokenized Volume - DeFi Lama (https://defillama.com/protocol/binaryx-platform#information)
- 28% TVL Growth Quarterly

🤵 Backers
OXO Capital, Dukley, Bali Invest Club, Eywa.

🤝 Partners
Polygon, Chainlink, InnMind, Web3Port, Snowball, Parq, Trustee, Plena Finance, Sabai Ecoverse, MatterLabs, Dukley, Eywa

⚖️ Legal
DAO LLC - Wyoming, USA. The entity type that helps the DAOs make operations legally & compliant in the real world. Token owners are direct owners of the assets. Binaryx operates as an infra provider and doesn’t own any property.

🏘 Products
- Marketplace - List constructed and ready-for-rent properties
- Off-Plan - Trade under construction & off-plan projects
- Secondary Market - Creates liquidity for real estate. Sell/buy tokenized property
- Lending Protocol - For loans collateralized by real estate tokens
- RWA Derivatives - Blockchain-based derivatives that allow yield trading (on RWA assets)
- Tokenized Mortgage - Long-term loans for purchasing real estate for personal use on Blockchain

⚡️Other Highlights
- Country-level Cooperation: Binaryx is in a Working group of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Kazakhstan developing digital assets & tokenization legislation

📈Raising Now
Strategic Round - $1M, $20M FDV
Price: $0.2
Terms: 15% at TGE, no Cliff, linear monthly Vesting for 20 months

✅ Already Raised
$450K - Pre-Seed Round
$1,5M - Seed Round

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DOU company page: