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About Stratos Technologies

We are a London-based B2B SaaS startup incorporated in December 2022. We are backed by leading US and European entrepreneurs, CEOs of publicly listed companies, DAX Supervisory Board members, and Private Equity executives. We currently focus on B2B companies in Germany, the US, and the UK, and our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to Private Equity portfolio companies. Our company is founded on the following beliefs.

We believe that the private sector is a key driver for progress and prosperity. However, in an increasingly complex and volatile world, steering a business has become incredibly challenging. Today’s management systems are not designed to master this increasing complexity. This often results in decisions based on gut-feeling over facts, incrementalism over bold calculated risk taking, and short-term focus over sustainable long-term value creation.

We believe companies can and must do better. The first step is to equip stakeholders with a single source of truth and implement common decision-making principles. It continues with enabling management to show the full value-creation potential of their business and the causal chain between input and output, compelling owners to invest in bold long-term plans. And it requires management being able to translate these plans into impact, providing confidence to both their investors and their teams that real change is possible.

We have seen firsthand the energy, confidence, and impact this virtuous cycle can unleash and have founded STRATOS to enable as many companies as possible to create sustainable long-term value for themselves, their stakeholders, and the world.

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