About Puls Technologies GmbH

Puls Project is at the verge of an exhilarating journey. Our mission is to create the entire financial world in one platform for German small to midsize enterprises and entrepreneurs, across all sectors and industries.

We are building a platform that will enable the customer to have money, where the customer needs it - just at the right time when they actually need it. The aim is to free up their time to make sure it can be spent on growing their business, not just managing to survive. Puls connects all your bank accounts in one place, business as well as private. The Customer will be able to have an overview of their financial history, as well as actually get forecasting for their cash flow with that data. The Customer will be able to make all payments in one place, instant and easy. And what if money gets tight? The future with Puls will give the opportunity to get business loans for SME without the hassle of a complicated bank checkup.

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