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Our history started in 2013 with different creative home decor of the Venkon brand which we delivered to our customers from all over the world. Working for our clients, we were inspired by their cosy house atmosphere and amazing decor of their small flats. That’s how we came up with our own new brand - Laublust which was created to help make our surroundings more beautiful with all kinds of home decor from natural materials.

In 2017 in the picturesque area of the Lower Rhine in Germany, our manufacture was started. Our success history began with the creation of wood products for any occasions of our lives. We wanted to be with our customers in their routine lives as well as celebrate special occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Now in Gipanis GmbH you can find stylish furniture, creative decor accessories, goods for the organization of home space, children toys and many other things of our brands Laublust Home, Kekskrone and Honighertz. With headquarter in Monchengladbach close to Dusseldorf and sub branches in Ukraine and China, we are internationally anchored and implement great ideas in our manufactory.

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