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About Expandi

EXPANDI is the most powerful sales automation platform for outbound challenges on LinkedIn and Email . Our software helps our customers to get results and supercharge their automated outreach game.

Since we started Expandi in 2019, we have grown faster than we could have ever imagined. As “new kids on the block” we became one of the most popular sales automation platforms in the world and built a Multi Million Dollar company out of it in less more than two years.

12.500+ B2B businesses, startups, and agencies worldwide are Using EXPANDI ⚡We are backed by serious A-lister clients in our user base - industry leaders, best selling authors, people who have experience working with our software, and hopefully soon, you.

We're not your average startup. We started from the ground up, bootstrapping our way to millions in revenue (in an already over-saturated market) and now just within two years we are ranked 54th out of the world's 474 fast-growing bootstrapped software companies published by Latka Magazine… It’s like the “Inc500” list but only for Bootstrapped SaaS companies.

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