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About Esper Bionics

Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, AI, and IoT technologies for Human Augmentation.
We are building the first bionic ecosystem of connected devices to push the boundaries of human potential and unleashing a world of new possibilities.

We believe that human augmentation is the key to unlocking the full potential of humanity, and we are dedicated to advancing this technology for the betterment of all.

- Esper Hand is a self-learning robotic prosthetic hand that detects muscle activity and adjusts the control to behavior patterns of the user to perform everyday tasks In a more human-like dexterity. Esper Hand is expected to be available in the US starting in the summer of 2022.
- Esper Control is a wearable non-invasive brain-computer interface
- Esper Platform is a cloud-based software solution that uses machine learning algorithms to individualize the control of wearables, including the Hand.

Headquartered in New York. Featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider Mexico, and Medtech Innovation News. Named a top world techpreneur at the 13th Healthcare Innovation World Cup. Reddot "Best of the Best"winner 2022.

We use DSP, AI (ML), and data collection for better prosthetic control.
At this stage, Esper devices are controlled with electromyography (EMG) sensors and adjusted for the behavior patterns of each user.
We employ mathematical and machine learning methods to help reduce noise, correct sweat/motion issues, and learn the user's behavior over time.
Esper devices are the next-level controllers and assistive wearables where the combination of thinking and feeling leads to a sharp precise movement predicted in advance; where intuition brings foresight, knowledge gives confidence, and learning ensures progress.
Robotics, Prosthetics, AI, Data Science, Hardware, IoT, Myoelectric, Healthtech, Medtech, DSP, Mechatronics, Wearables, Human Augmentation, Orthotics, and Controllers

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