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About Rasa Design Team

We bridge the gap by design πŸš€

As a global digital product design agency, we’ve been empowering startups and growing companies with innovative solutions to achieve their business goals since 2018. We specialize in transforming ideas into user-centric digital experiences that strike a balance between simplicity and visual appeal, ensuring they are easy to access, understand, and use.

β€” We are deliberately a tiny team. 0 account manager means you work directly with the people who bring your ideas to life. It helps us to streamline our operations and work with a laser-like focus.
β€” We deliver an end-to-end digital product experience. And yes, we’ve done this before.
β€” We’re not just a bunch of cute folks β€” we bring value by solving complex problems and coming up with elegant and simple digital solutions.
β€” Candidly speaking, we are cute too.

β€” Market Research
β€” User Research
β€” UX/UI Design
β€” Prototyping and User Testing
β€” Interaction Design

β€” FinTech
β€” Web3
β€” Healthcare
β€” and more
β€” SaaS
β€” Real Estate
β€” EdTech
β€” and more

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