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About Objectify

The primary objective of Objectify, s. r. o. is high service quality, which is a basic prerequisite for sustainability and for winning over new customers. This objective can only be achieved through the quality work of all the company’s employees.

Company management hereby defines the following quality policy for such purposes:

Service quality primarily depends on the quality of employees who are fully responsible for all provided services.

We do not make promises we cannot keep.
Quality improvement is a planned and continuous process, which is regularly monitored and evaluated.

Collaborating organisations and service providers are full stakeholders in the quality improvement process.

We ensure the qualification and expertise of our employees.

The quality management system is regularly reviewed in order to improve the provision of services to our customers.

Emphasis when choosing products and services is on quality and honest monitoring of prices within our distributed assortment.

Maintain fair relations with the environment and adhere to business ethics.

In accordance with the quality policy, the company issues goals for each year.

To consistently achieve a high level of quality of its activities and the quality of services offered, which will fully satisfy the requirements and expectations of the customer, which will ensure the company's lasting prosperity.

Ensure a high level of information security in the area of personal data protection of its employees and business partners.

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