About Spreenauten GmbH

Technical expertise since 1999 in planning, implementation and maintenance
incl. own extensive rental park.

Spreenauten is a small, fast-growing company based Berlin with a strong focus on radio communications and hardware and software development.

With our deep, native knowledge in the field of radio technology, we are one of the smartest application developers in this field. Agile project management and the philosophy of "minimal buyable products" are the basis of each of our application applications. This makes us fast, budget-oriented and unerring.

Environmental protection, fair, social and solution-oriented behaviour towards business partners* and employees* are important to us. We regard these values as central elements of our corporate culture.

Behind the Curtain:
One of our senior application developers described us as an "eternal startup". Despite the fact that we were founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship and then changed our name to Spreenauten GmbH in 2011, he is not wrong.

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