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About Surfline/Wavetrak

Since 1985, Surfline\Wavetrak, Inc. has connected people with the ocean. Starting with surfers and since expanding to offshore cruisers, anglers and a myriad of other ocean-goers, we're constantly seeking out ways to deliver the peak ocean experience to our global audience. Our brands serve a wide swath of ocean-goers. Surfline is the leading surf report, forecast and media product, used by millions of surfers worldwide to connect with their passion - surfing. Buoyweather serves offshore cruisers, anglers, kite surfers and many other open ocean enthusiasts via a multi-faceted suite of marine weather charts and forecasts that help you to stay safe out on the water. FishTrack specifically targets offshore anglers, providing all of the oceanographic overlays and data you need to find and catch more fish. Our core values are reflective of our balanced culture, a fine line between growth-oriented focus and a laidback beach lifestyle. They are: Bring Your Passion, Keep It Personal, Be Humble, Set Your Line and Push Our Limits. We lean on our values as a guiding light for all of our decisions, from strategic planning to the way we clean up after ourselves in the office kitchen (well, usually). Ultimately, we help people to enjoy the ocean. We believe this purpose has the power to bring joy to human beings all over the world, and we embrace the opportunity to deliver on that cause.

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