Terms of Service and Pricing

Payment only after making a hire

Djinni’s mission is to match Ukrainian top tech talent with exciting job opportunities, therefore it is free for candidates.

As an employer, you are being charged a Success Fee equal to 50% of the candidate's monthly salary expectations when the candidate accepts the offer to work at your company.

For example: hiring an Android Developer who listed $2000 as a monthly expectation on their profile, will cost you $1000.

Expected Success Fee to be paid for each candidate can be found under the “Contact Candidate” button on the Candidate’s profile.

There are two databases of candidates on Djinni: in active and passive search.

Active search candidates - candidates looking for a job right now.

Passive search candidates - candidates who are not in active search, however, are open to considering interesting proposals. For both categories, Djinni's Expected Success Fee is the same, 50% of salary expectations in the candidate's profile.

Hire juniors free of charge

Junior is any candidate on the platform with monthly salary expectations under $700. Djinni wants to foster and support new, talented developers, therefore we don’t charge you for hiring them.

One month warranty

Djinni wants companies and candidates to be a perfect match. Hence, If the candidate hired on Djinni worked at your company for less than one month for any reason, we cancel our Success Fee. In this case, you don't have to pay us anything.

Employer Profile Verification

As the job search is anonymous for the candidate, we want to make sure that he/she knows who is offering him/her cooperation.

The employer profile must include:

  • your First and Last name
  • link to the personal profile on Linkedin
  • your position or role, website and company description, as well as contact information.

You need to register an employer profile with a corporate email. If necessary, we may ask you to send us company registration documents. Employer Profile verification usually takes no more than an hour after you sign up.

Djinni does not cooperate with recruitment agencies and freelancers.

Rules of communication with candidates

There are only two main rules:

Please make sure to reach out to candidates with relevant offers.

Don’t share your contacts with the candidate while first reaching out to them with your offer. The candidate will share their contact information if they are interested in the position. Candidates reserve a right to leave a complaint if the job offered doesn’t match their profile and what they are.

See our tips on "Writing your First Message to a Candidate"

Account Suspension

Djinni reserves the right to suspend your Employer account in the following cases:

  • Violation of Djinni communication rules
  • False information about yourself or your company on the profile
  • Candidates' complaints about spamming, phishing, or other fraudulent activities
  • Candidates' complaints about job offers that do not match candidates’ profiles
  • Candidates' complaints about salary not getting paid
  • Non-payment or late payment of the Djinni Success Fee
  • A large number of initiated contacts with candidates and no hirings made

Djinni Support Team reserves the right to terminate/restore access to the accounts.

If you have any further questions about using the service - please contact our support team at magic@djinni.co


Payment terms

Success Fees for hired candidates are due 30 days from the candidate’s start date at your company. We invoice your company in USD/EUR via wire transfer (SWIFT). Unfortunately, no PayPal and Payoneer, sorry.

Who and when should report successful hiring on Djinni?

We expect the owner of the Employer account to report the hiring on the day of signing the offer or verbal agreement with a candidate.

What is your refund policy?

If the candidate hired on Djinni worked at your company for less than one month for any reason, we cancel our Success Fee and you pay us nothing. In case the payment has already been made, you can request a refund or use this money as a deposit for your future hires on Djinni.

For how long is the Djinni “match” valid? What if we hired the candidate a year after the initial conversation?

Djinni’s “match” of the candidate with the employer is valid for 180 days after the candidate has agreed to join your company. The Success Fee rate is based on the salary expectations that were listed on the candidate’s profile at the time your job offer was accepted. We eliminate the risk of you paying a higher Success Fee due to the increase of candidate’s salary expectations over time.