Terms of Use

Hiring fees

The employer pays only for successful hires: 20% of the monthly salary expectations for candidates from Ukraine, 50% for others, within 30 days from the candidate's start date.

This applies to candidates who responded to the vacancy as well as those you reached out to.

For example, hiring an Android developer with a salary expectation of $2000 per month from Ukraine will cost you $400 (20%). From another country, it would be $1000 (50%).

The hiring cost can be seen on the candidate's profile page and in the chat with the candidate. It is fixed at the moment of your first contact. Therefore, if the candidate increases or decreases their salary expectations after the start of the conversation, the hiring fees don’t change.

Free Job Posting

Post as many jobs as you want for free. Candidates will see the job posting and respond if they are interested. The standard hiring fees apply to candidates who have responded to the posted job.

Active Search (sourcing)

You can message candidates, and they will open their contacts if they are interested in the offer. The standard hiring fees apply to candidates that you have reached out to yourself.

Free Junior Hires

We do not charge for hiring "juniors" - specialists with salary expectations less than $700/month. This is how Djinni helps young professionals find their first job.

One Month Hiring Guarantee

If the candidate you hired through Djinni worked for you for less than a month and resigned/was dismissed, we will cancel the hiring fee for that candidate. There is no need to pay anything.

Employer Profile Verification

Since job search for candidates is anonymous, we want to make sure they know who is offering the vacancy.

The employer's profile should include:

  • your first and last name
  • a link to your personal LinkedIn profile
  • your position or role, company website, and description, contact information.

You should register an employer with a corporate email. If necessary, we may ask you to send the company's registration documents. Typically, verification takes no more than an hour after your registration on Djinni.

Djinni does not cooperate with recruiting agencies and freelancers.

Rules for Communicating with Candidates

There are only two main rules:

  • do not mass mail or spam
  • do not pass your contact details to the candidate in the job posting or your offer

The candidate will open their contacts for you if they are interested in the job. They can report if it is inappropriate.

We have prepared some tips for you.

Account Blocking

Djinni can block your employer account in the following cases:

  • violation of communication rules on Djinni
  • false information about yourself or the company in the profile
  • candidate complaints about spam or inappropriate job vacancies
  • candidate complaints about non-payment of wages
  • non-payment or late payment of the Djinni hiring fee
  • a large number of contacts with candidates and the absence of hires
  • obtaining contacts and personal data of candidates by parsing, phishing or posting fake jobs

Restoring access to Djinni is at the discretion of the support team.

If you have any questions about the service, contact our support team: magic@djinni.co

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Payment Terms and Conditions

You have 30 days from the candidate's start date to make the payment. We accept Visa/MasterCard, non-cash payments for Ukrainian legal entities, and SWIFT for foreign companies.

Who and when should notify about a successful hire on Djinni?

As an employer, you are obligated to report the hire on the day of signing the offer or making a verbal agreement.

What happens if the candidate doesn't start working or is dismissed within a week after starting work? What about after three months?

We have a guarantee period - one month.

If the candidate does not start working or works for you for less than a month, we will cancel the hiring fee. If you have already paid it, we will refund the money, or you can use the amount as an advance payment for the next hire.

What if the candidate is already in our database? Do we need to pay?

Yes. An exception is if we receive confirmation that you communicated with the candidate before contacting them on Djinni (but no earlier than 30 days ago).

How long does Djinni's "recommendation" last? What if we hire a candidate a year after the contact?

You pay the hiring fee if the candidate starts working no later than 180 days from the moment of your last contact on Djinni.

Hiring fee amount is fixed at the moment of the first contact on Djinni – so you are protected in case the candidate decides to reconsider their salary expectations later.