Terms of use and pricing

Djinni is a marketplace for hiring developers. You find promising candidates and contact them to find out if they get interested in your offer.

We're not an agency

You are always talking directly to the candidate, there are no middlemen involved. We neither search, nor communicate with candidates on your behalf.

Simple pricing

You'll need to pay 50% of the candidate's salary expectations if you hire him/her. That's it.

You also get a one-month guarantee – if the candidate was fired or quit after working less than a month, our hiring bonus is cancelled, you pay nothing.

E.g. if you hire iOS developer with the salary expectations $2500/month, you should pay $1250. Minimum bonus is $250. Also, junior hires are FREE – hiring bonus is $0 for any candidate with salary expectations less than $1200 per month.

One month guarantee

If the candidate, being hired on Djinni, worked for you less than one month and then left or was fired, we would cancel our hiring bonus and you pay nothing. In case the payment has already been made, you are free to use this amount as a deposit for the forthcoming hire or you may request a refund.

Сommunication rules

There are only two rules - do not send contacts and third party links to candidates and do not spam.

Hire juniors and pay nothing

Junior is any candidate with a salary expectations of less than $1200 in the profile. We don't charge you for hiring such candidates and you can hire as many as you need. Suchwise we want to assist them in finding their first or second job in IT field, as for juniors it is considered to be quite a challenge. And encourage you to take more risks. ;)

Employer Profile Verification

Since the job search on Djinni is anonymous, we want to be sure that our candidates know who offers them a job. We should make sure that your contact information is indicated properly; if necessary, we can ask for a confirmation email (you should send a confirmation using your corporate email). Verification usually takes less than 24 hours after you create an account on Djinni.

Account blocking

Djinni reserves the right to block your employer’s account in the following cases:

  • Violation of communication rules at Djinni
  • False information about yourself or company in the profile
  • Candidates' complaints about sending spam and/or offering unsuitable vacancies
  • Candidates' complaints about the salary non-payment by the employer
  • Non-payment or late payment of a hiring bonus to Djinni
  • A large number of contacts with candidates and no hiring

The decision about restoring access to the service is left for consideration to the Support team.

If you still have questions about the service - contact our support team at magic@djinni.co.


Terms and payment options

You have 30 days from the candidate's start date at work to make the payment. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We can also invoice your company in USD / EUR, to be paid via wire transfer (SWIFT). No PayPal, sorry.

Who and when should report successful hiring at Djinni?

You, as the employer, should report the hiring on the day of signing the offer or verbal agreement with a candidate.

What is your refund policy?

We give one month guarantee for all hires. If the candidate worked for you less than a month and quit or got fired you pay nothing. In case you already made the payment you can choose a refund or use it as a deposit for future hires.

What if we already have a candidate in our database?

You don't need to pay the hiring bonus only if you can prove that you've been communicating with the candidate before Djinni (but not less than 30 days).

How should I report a hire?

As an employer, you have to report hiring either on the day you sign an offer, or once you have a verbal agreement with a candidate.

One month guarantee

If the candidate that you hired through Djinni worked for you less than one month and then left or was fired, we will cancel our hiring bonus and you pay nothing. You can request a refund or use money as a deposit for the forthcoming hire in case the payment has been made already.