Why Djinni

Anonymous search for the candidate, payment on the fact of hiring for the employer.

Traditional job-sites are focused on candidates who are NOW looking for a job. These sites appeared when there were many candidates, but few proposals. When employers chose, and job seekers lined up.

The Djinni is oriented to another market. On the market, where there are few good specialists and they need to be looked for. Programmers, for example, but not only.

According to LinkedIn, 65% of specialists are ready to consider interesting job offers, but are not ready to engage in active search - they already have a job and in general it suits them.

We are making Djinni for them.

Djinni allows you to receive job offers anonymously, without announcing the job search process. It is a convenient and safe way to "feel" the labor market and see what career opportunities are available. Quickly and without risk.

Another advantage of Djinni - the employer starts the dialogue, not the candidate. This gives a different relation dynamics. For example, it simplifies wage negotiations ("Well, you saw $3000 in my profile").

For the employer, the Djinni feature is that we only have interested candidates. If the profile is active, then the candidate considers the offers and is ready to communicate. It saves a lot of time. Plus, we have the most honest business model, with payment on the fact of hiring.

In life, both the candidate and the company have a lot of other things to do, except for finding work or employees. Djinni helps to spend less time recruiting and get better results. It's a win-win.