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We invite a highly qualified Middle/Senior Engineer with PowerShell and Microsoft 365 Ecosystem expertise to be the key player in competence development.

We welcome a Middle/Senior Engineer with PowerShell and Microsoft 365 Ecosystem expertise. We are expecting from our candidate technical- and process-wise ideas and best practices. Our project is full of opportunities to brainstorm as you will be discussing with a customer pros and cons, define ways of resolving technical challenges with their following implementation in practice.
If you have a strong analytical mindset, you are passionate about expertise, and would like to participate in the selection of the skillful team of professionals, then welcome to our project!

Our customer is a Seattle-based company named SkyKick. Helping IT providers be more successful in the cloud, SkyKick plays an important role in the Microsoft cosmos. Over 20,000 IT partners in over 125 countries are accelerating their cloud businesses with our client SkyKick.

The product is called Cloud Manager and it is intended to facilitate and centralize management of different SaaS cloud subscriptions for small and medium-sized businesses.

The project’s main goal is to automate common IT tasks like on/offboarding users, password resets, and enforcing security policies as well as to facilitate the administration of Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and many other SaaS applications used by clients.

Sigma Software assists SkyKick in delivering their latest innovations. One of the most important parts done by Sigma Software in scope of the whole project — development of so-called Connectors — integration points to 3rd party SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Slack, WebEx, etc.

The main idea of the new Cloud Manager sub-team called “Content Team” is to have more “out-of-the-box functionality” — the wide range of predefined scripts that are actively interacting with Connectors in order to tackle a lot of different, but typical scenarios. The main activities are to create the new scripts, update the already existing ones and keep them in up-to-date state.

Solutions developed by this team will address common IT challenges encountered by Cloud Manager users and will be delivered in an opensource-style method, requiring thorough testing and documentation that helps users explain how the script works.

Create new and update the already existing scripts
Keep the scripts up-to-date
Understand how the changes are announced or already done in Microsoft 365 Ecosystem will affect the current product and plan/make the corresponding changes
Support enterprise-level Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Exchange/EXO, security, Microsoft Graph
Develop client-ready cmdlets coupled with rich, user-friendly form definitions

Advanced experience in PowerShell scripting
Experience in engineering, implementing, and supporting enterprise-level Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Exchange/EXO, security, Microsoft Graph including all of the following:
- Group policy design implementation
- Trust relationships
- LDAP directories
- On-prem and hybrid sync infrastructure configuration and management
- Cloud migration design, implementation
- Security Graph
Knowledge of software development lifecycle and coding practices, including experience with code repositories and DevOps processes
At least Upper-Intermediate level of English

Will be plus:
UI/UX development (minimum: HTML, Forms)
Certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) in two (2) of the following: Server Infrastructure, Productivity, Communications and Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Personal profile:
Good verbal and writing communication skills
Ability to learn quickly
Logical and critical thinking
Attentive to details
Taking responsibility for the actions done
Ability to work with routine tasks

About Sigma Software

Sigma Software предоставляет высококачественные ИТ услуги для клиентов в таких сферах, как электронный бизнес, документооборот, телекоммуникации, военная отрасль, авиационно-космическая промышленность, банковское дело, финансы и недвижимость, а также в сфере туризма, индустрии развлечений и разработки игр.

Три основных направления бизнеса компании — разработка и поддержка программного обеспечения, разработка программного обеспечения на заказ, в том числе разработка решений под мобильные устройства, ИТ консалтинг в различных сферах, в частности в сфере электронного бизнеса, документооборота и работы с проблемной задолженностью.

Свои услуги мы предоставляем в основном для компаний, расположенных в Западной Европе и США. Офисы в Харькове и Одессе работают с 2005 года. В 2014 открылись новые офисы в Киеве, Львове, Варшаве (Польша) и Сан-Хосе (США).

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