Senior Data Scientist / ML Engineer (Computer Vision) (Consulting) (offline) to $8000

We are looking for a high-qualified specialist for our Consulting Company (also we can consider part-time)
(Allocation: 60-160 h/month)


● fully independent implementation an algorithmic part of machine learning solutions end-to-end
● coaching machine learning engineers and helping them to operate independently


● hands-on machine learning and engineering in one of the following:
- open-source libraries (TF, PT, scikit-learn, etc)
- managed solutions (AWS, GCP, Azure)
- custom (implementation of the algorithms from scratch)
● hands-on machine learning models debugging preferred:
- training process visualization (i.e. Tensorboard)
- experiments handling (i.e. Weights and Biases)
● advanced English
● documentation development
● coaching and support


● in-depth general machine learning knowledge
● in-depth knowledge in one of the specific ML-related technologies
- CV / NLP / Time Series / Recommender Systems / Optimal Control / DSP / Advanced analytics / Statistics / Numerical Optimization / Bayesian Modeling
● domain expertise (preferably in our niches)


● machine learning delivery (preferably in our domains) (5+ years)
● independent contractor (2+ projects 10k+)
● bachelor degree in Mathematics / Computer Science / Statistics or related fields (4+ years)

We Offer:

● Scientific or engineering challenges
● Work with disruptive deep-tech startups
● Work with the rock-stars (senior-level engineers, PhD)
● Meaningful social and environmental projects
● Two options for our cooperation, and people have the opportunity to make their own choice of how they engage in work-related projects and tasks.
● Transparent, professional growth plan depending on your impact
● Remote work from any location
● Flexible working hours
● Unpaid unlimited PTO
● Regular Team Buildings & company-wide team events

About Neurons Lab

Who we are? Neurons Lab is a cloud network of scientists, engineers, and developers passionate about revolutionizing businesses’ future with AI and machine learning technologies.

When we founded it, we had an essential idea to marry two worlds. On the clients’ side — to help socially responsible organizations to boost their performance and achieve a strategic advantage by tailor-made ML solutions. On the consultants’ side — to give an opportunity for the bright individuals to work as independent experts that enjoy life and work freedom alongside taking responsibility for important challenges.

We focus on the two major industries — HealthTech and EnergyTech. Through the first one, we make a positive impact on human lives, wellbeing, and longevity. Through the second, we help industrial companies to be more efficient, reduce energy consumption, and cut the emissions that harm our environment.

Essential moments about us:
— “self-management” and “responsible” — we value your freedom and lifestyle and don’t put unnecessary limitations on the work process
— focus on specific industries through an AI lens — we value efforts put in the deep research and experience and want you to keep pursuing this without being distracted on the “full-stack” requirements.

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DOU company page:

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