Company details

Our business:

Being a unique telecom and cloud management solution built natively on ServiceNow platform, MobiChord is the fastest growing telecom and cloud management company with multiple verticals customers all over the world.
We are changing the world of old-school telecom completely and hold a leading position in the niche.
MobiChord software helps large companies (B2B, enterprise-scale) manage everything related to telecommunications and cloud services, as well as reduce labor costs by 69%, make processes 86% quicker, and reduce operational costs up to 32%.
We automate all major business processes, from ordering a new phone to requesting virtual machine from Amazon through integration with major telecom and cloud providers
We analyze data, automatically suggest savings, and process requests via automation.
Above all, is our passion for providing amazing consumer focused user experience

Our technologies:

Our core product is built in ServiceNow and AWS.By being built on top of ServiceNow we have a unique advantage of having the data and automation where these companies need to have it. ServiceNow also contains cutting edge features that you would expect of enterprise software (database designer and ORM, UI frameworks on AngularJs, workflows, full-stack JavaScript, machine learning, integration APIs and much more). By natively integrating into existing ServiceNow applications, can focus on creating great products and not on reinventing the wheel!
On top of that, we have our own cloud services for API integrations, mass data processing, analytics, etc.

Social package:

Health Insurance
Paid sick days/vacations
English courses
Educational events
Team buildings