Company details

Lavabird company implements the development and monetization of mobile games and applications. We create popular entertainment and educational applications for smartphones and tablets for users around the world. The Lavabird team releases a highly profitable product containing unique content and attracting a wide range of users.

Another area of Lavabird business is the purchase and monetization of applications. Using the most advanced tools for the promotion of mobile games and applications, we are successfully increasing the active user base. After purchasing an application that meets the stated criteria, the Lavabird team selects and implements the best way to monetize the application and increase its profitability.

Being one of the leading companies in the industry and long working in the field of development and monetization of mobile applications, Lavabird has many positive recommendations from grateful customers and partners. As successful developers, we also created our own game studio, where we test and implement the mobile games and applications we created. You can learn more about the features of cooperation with Lavabird from our manager or by filling out the feedback form.