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Company details

Niko Technologies is a developer of digital payment solutions and blockchain-related FinTech products approved and licensed to operate in the EU market. Our goal is to level up worldwide payments by providing high-tech products to business owners and individuals.

Our Competitive Advantages

High-Speed and Automated Operations
Transactions, exchanges, payments processing and fund withdrawals are instant and smooth with manual workload cut to minimum which takes all the hassle out of the funds management.

Full-Dimension Security
Licenced payment solutions, transactions made over secure SSL endpoints, comprehensive work of the Compliance and Risk Departments maximize financial security.

In-House Development
Niko Technologies is an experienced company with all its products made in-house. Our software developed by us is constantly improving integrating the latest technologies.

Revenues Boost
Low payment commissions and advanced e-commerce tools help reach company’s full potential. Our dedicated Success Managers will keep you up to date providing with relevant information which will allow you to protect funds and increase incomes.

Global Sales
Niko Technologies gives the possibility to trade globally accepting money transfers with low fees. Specially developed API and supported main e-commerce solutions enable simple integration with services and other platforms all round the world facilitating merchants hassle-free operation.