Company details

Large corporate enterprises and small retail operations benefit equally from B2B’s Wireless Standard software platform because it allows them to automate and manage their mission-critical business operations for better back-end support and point-of-sale service.

B2B Soft is particularly well known in the wireless/cellular retail sector, where over 2000 companies with 10000 storefronts nationwide maximize their wireless retail operations with Wireless Standard’s POS solution. The company is also finding that Wireless
Standard is being selected more and more by Master Agents and Carriers for their retail sales channels as a way to help standardize the sales transaction process and improve the customer shopping experience at the point of sale.

For over seven years, B2B’s customers have kept the company on the cutting edge of software development through their growing reliance on Wireless Standard’s business management capabilities. B2B continues to meet the challenge with a strong management team and a support infrastructure committed to working closely with clients to ensure the evolution of our platform is always in sync with their business needs.