About Softblues


SoftBlues is a web, and mobile development company focused on JavaScript that works with both startups and large businesses. We have been working in the web and mobile market for 15 years and have completed over 700 projects in various fields. Our core expertise is Business Automation, E-Commerce, Automotive, Fleet Management, and AgriTech.
Why JavaScript? JS technology allows you to easily cover the main aspects of web and mobile development — React.js and Vue.js for front end, Node.js for the back end, and React Native for mobile. Thanks to many libraries and frameworks, developers can spend less time developing solutions without losing quality.

Our company has a well-developed internal JS ecosystem, with more than 40 highly qualified senior-middle developers and solid TechLead culture. We also have our own trainee program, as we are committed to the development of our specialists and the personal and professional growth of each member of the team. In addition, each team member has their own professional development plan.

Our services

Custom web and mobile development from scratch. Our company carries out a detailed estimation of the project, after which our specialists select the best technologies to ensure a successful launch of the project. We allocate a fully-fledged team for each project (business analyst, project manager, UX / UI designer, QA and senior-middle developers, DevOps) and control the development from the beginning to the moment of delivery.

Dedicated teams for existing products. We select a team of qualified specialists, consisting of Senior-middle-junior developers under the supervision of a qualified and certified Tech Lead, to help you onboard the right team and control the quality.

So, with over 15 years of experience in web and mobile development, and thanks to experimenting with different approaches and technologies and in different areas — from startups to business automation of large enterprises — we have assembled a solid and qualified team of more than 40 senior and middle developers with wide-ranging expertise in JS technologies (ReactJS, VueJS, React Native, NodeJS) that can help you both with the consultation and selection of the necessary team for your project, and with the development of your project from scratch.

Core values and mission

We are to deliver success to our clients, team members, and partners.
We will hack the world for our team to be happy with their job.
Sticking to the principles of excellent planning and continuous improvement, we are transparent, responsible, and honest, always sharing our ideas and deploying smart critique in discussions.
Trust means the world to us, and we genuinely believe that it is the basis for any relationship.


People are the most exceptional value for us. Sticking to the idea of horizontal management, we believe in our team and care about every team member. We understand the essence of individuality and cherish the uniqueness of every team member.
We build dynamic workforces for efficient teamwork. We look for people who share our corporate culture, work ethics, and company values.

We make sure our Juniors grow to Seniors within the company. We believe that challenges trigger both professional and personal growth and make sure our Seniors have new exciting tech challenges to face.

Fun & serious

We are both about fun and continuous learning. The idea of lifelong learning drives such regular corporate activities as weekly tech talks, soft skills sessions, and English lessons. We know that this type of work requires lots of energy and concentration, so we believe that fun is a must in the company. We enjoy board games, X-Boxing, sports, music, and parties. We have an indoor soccer team, a couple of guitars, a gaming table, and a monthly study’n’party events schedule for the whole team.

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