Senior Front-End Developer (Spain) (offline)

Main Purpose of Job:


The eCommerce Front-end Developer (AB Testing, EV Squad) is responsible for delivering front-end solutions in alignment with technical and branding guidelines, especially (but not exclusively) in the domain of front-end personalization and AB Testing, consistently enforcing those guidelines and supporting other developers in doing

so, and, occasionally, leading the implementation of commercially driven and innovative digital experiences, in line with strategy and brand / market needs.


The area of action will additionally extend to:

• Manage front end content development needs from the business, leveraging web development frameworks and best practices to deliver high performing experiences.

• Understanding front end content development needs from the business, leveraging web development frameworks and best practices as well as UX & UI intuition to deliver high performing experiences.

• Executing the global campaign & permanent content roadmap while embracing Commercial, Communications & Brand values.

• Raise awareness on innovative web technologies in and beyond the Global eCommerce Community (GECO).

• Enable to push the boundaries of commercial and brand digital innovation through the creative use of available technologies.


Your responsibilities will be:

• Development of fully responsive & WCAG compliant digital experiences, in adherence with digital, technical, commercial & brand content guidelines, including our Design System.

• Influence the campaign design process to ensure both commercial and technical needs are met and executed in a timely manner.

• Support the team assessing relevant technologies to support ecommerce ambitions.

• Manage prioritization and trade-offs among customer experience, time-to-market and workload.

• Balance business needs against technical constraints and provide the due visibility to the Team Lead and other relevant stakeholders.

• Ensure templates remain up-to-date & aligned with global content strategy.

• Ensure that all global content is adapted for performance, brand & web accessibility guidelines (e.g. WCAG AA).

• Support the definition of our technical guidelines and the assessment of new technologies, techniques, ways of working, best practices, etc…

• Support the development and evolution of our front-end personalization rules engine (Casper) and report back to the team, other HQ eCommerce stakeholders and local (market-level) stakeholders on new features, best practices / usage, risks, adoption and opportunities.

• Support AB Testing operations from a development and optimization standpoint.

• Support the definition, rollout and evolution of agile practices in and beyond the UX/UI team.

• Support experience designers, CRM, communications, legal, and business development on product development.


Key Experience:

• At least 6 years’ experience in eBusiness, eCommerce and/or Digital Agencies.

• Strong UX/UI technical background.

• Strong front-end code optimization and coding best practices acumen, especially advanced JavaScript techniques and capabilities.

• Used to mentoring and/or providing guidance to junior members of a team.

• Used to liaising with external (digital) agencies.

• Fluent Mac user (as a software developer).


• Strong HTML5 expertise, including semantic HTML, Web Components, SEO, etc…

• Solid JavaScript expertise: asynchronous programming (AJAX, promises, lazy loading, events, etc…), ES6, node.js, optimization (bundlers, etc…), frameworks and tools (Vue.js, Angular, React, etc…), unit testing, etc…

• Familiar with TypeScript, previous experience required.

• Reasonably fluid in CSS3 foundations: properties, behaviours, SASS/SCSS, mixins, etc…

• Reasonably fluid in front-end personalization techniques and technologies.

• Comprehensive knowledge of cross-device support and cross-browser issues.

• Familiar with mobile-first and responsive web design, ITCSS principles and accessibility (WCAG, screen readers, etc…).

• Familiar with analytics concepts and best practices (tracking plans, etc…)

• Familiar with User Experience/Usability concepts and best practices.

• Accuracy, reliability & vigilant attention to detail.

• Team-player.

• Familiar with JIRA, Confluence and BitBucket (Git)

• Fluent in English (Written & Spoken) – it’s the day-to-day language at work.


Other Requirements:

• Proven track record in delivering commercially oriented digital experiences.

• Customer-service oriented mentality.

• Facts and data driven.

• Well-seasoned Agile practitioner.

• Good, constructive, effective communicator.

• Knowledgeable in web, technology & digital innovation trends.

• Basic Photoshop skills: exporting media, cropping, resizing, optimization, etc…


Big plus:

• Previous experience with Google Optimize / Google Tag Manager.

• Strong CSS expertise, including CSS Pre-processing (SASS, SCSS, mixins, variables, etc…)

• Experience with Cypress.

• Familiar with Figma.

• Familiar with Google Analytics as a reporting / analysis tool (no development / configuration skills needed).

• Previous experience with Adobe Target or similar.

• Familiar with Chromatic.

• Familiar with continuous integration (CI) and test automation setups.

• Familiar with Browserstack.

• Experience with Akamai CDN / NetStorage.

• Experience delivering high-end &/or luxury digital experiences.


We offer:

• Competitive compensation and regular performance-based salary.

• Career development reviews.

• Passionate experienced team, friendly atmosphere.

• Corporate culture that inspires growth and development (tech talks, mentoring, etc).

• Assistance with book-keeping.

• Regular team-building activities.

• Comfortable working environment.

• Professional growth according to competence matrix.

• 18 working days paid vacation.

• No micromanagement.

• Remote work.

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