• 21 February

    We are looking for a senior Golang developer to replace our team member working on a long-term project for leading TV network Customer.

    Alex Korniichuk
       Alex Korniichuk, PM at devmatic.org      Киев, Днепр, remote · 3 years of experience · Intermediate
  • 27 January

    With us you will be engaged in the development of blockchain projects: • development of new cryptocurrency; • work with smart contracts; • creation of private and public blockchain networks; • creation of crypto stock exchange intiration; • unloading of high-loaded systems.

    Kateryna Izotova
       Kateryna Izotova, HR Manager /IT Recruiter at Inn4Science      Харьков, Днепр, Запорожье, Николаев, Черкассы, Чернигов, Ужгород · 1 year of experience · Intermediate