AI Engineer (AI/ML consultant) (offline)

We are a trailblazing software web and mobile development company pivoting towards an AI-driven future.


Spearheaded by a visionary co-CEO with extensive expertise in sales, marketing, and production, and guided by an ML/AI Tech Lead with ten years of experience and a Ph.D., our focus is integrating LLMs into client products and pioneering AI business automation.


Our expertise spans chatbot development, workflow automation, analytics, dashboards, and content creation, primarily concentrating on the innovative realm of AI over traditional ML.


Role Overview

As AI Developer, you will be a key player in our journey towards AI innovation. Your responsibilities include:

β€’ Exploring and applying Low Code/No Code tools.

β€’ Contributing to the development of internal products.

β€’ Addressing straightforward client requests and aiding in the creation of marketing materials.

β€’ Keeping abreast of new tools and methodologies for client projects.

β€’ Engaging in continuous learning, guided by our Lead AI, focusing on the latest AI trends and practices.


Who We're Looking For

β€’ A solid grasp of popular LLMs and tools.

β€’ Strong coding skills in relevant programming languages (e.g., Python) and familiarity with NLP libraries and frameworks.

β€’ AI Enthusiast: A genuine interest in AI technologies and their future, coupled with a strong desire to learn and innovate.

β€’ Communication: Excellent English communication skills.

Entrepreneurial Flair: An inclination towards creating effective business solutions, a results-driven approach, and leadership potential.

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