B2B marketer (offline)

WebScribble is a leading career software provider in North America and we are looking to add a B2B email marketing manager to our team.


At WebScribble we have the challenging task of creating a B2B outreach system for over 400k existing & past clients and leads that include organizations like Apple, Target, AMC, and many more.


We need an experienced Middle B2B Email Marketer who can independently manage the end-to-end process of B2B email sequences at scale.


This is a great opportunity for you to grow your expertise, work in a competitive niche in the USA market.



πŸ“Why us?

- We are the leading solution in our segment in the USA market

- We use a premium tech stack to achieve our goals (Apollo, Salesforce)

- We have an existing project in hand that will allow you to show initiative and grow


πŸ“What we expect from you:

- Experience of 1.5+ years in the field of E-mail Marketing (mandatory experience in B2B).

- Experience with B2B sales software like Apollo, Salesloft, Zoominfo

- Experience with CRM systems (preferably Salesforce)

- Understanding of key technical processes in B2B E-mail Marketing: email verification, deliverability management, sequence automation, bridging data between systems, basic understanding of API.

- Competent in written English at the Upper-Intermediate level.


πŸ“Your functional duties:

- development of the project's email marketing strategy;

- end-to-end setup and monitoring of email campaigns

- analytics of the effectiveness of email campaigns;

- work on the growth of KPI (ROMI) through the email channel;

- creation of trigger mailings, and their optimization;

- scoring, user segmentation;

- A/B testing;


πŸ“What do we offer?

- Fully remote Flexible work schedule with the possibility to start the working day from 9:00 to 13:00 and finish from 17:00 to 21:00.

- Quick decision-making and testing of ideas β€” the absence of excessive bureaucracy and micro-management. Work in a company where you are heard and listened to, and the manager is open to dialogue and suggestions.

- Competitive fixed compensation based on your experience level.


If you saw yourself in the job description and are ready to break into work, feel free to respond!


Important note:


1. Please add a short description of your previous experience with B2B email marketing

2. The entire interview process (2 interviews) will be conducted in English

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